Hixson, TN – Sign Company Discusses Benefits of Custom Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs exhibit a distinctly three-dimensional, sculptural quality that captivates the viewer’s attention with artistic intrigue. When custom fabricated using quality materials and innovative construction methods tailored for Hixson applications, channel letters amplify exposure like no other signage. Visual Impression Signs offers discerning West Tennessee brands custom channel letter solutions made to impress.

Our Expert Fabrication Process

Our skilled team fabricates dimensional channel letter signs using aluminum or steel return pans with trim caps backing clear acrylic or polycarbonate plastic letter fronts. Precision computer-controlled routing cuts letter sides at exacting angles to deliver flawless finishes once assembled. Vibrant LED modules illuminate letters from within for maximum nighttime and inclement weather visibility. We engineer rear access doors allowing easy internal access when servicing lighting components.

Versatile Applications for Hixson Clients

Channel letter signs deliver exceptional visibility and inherently attract the eye, making them ideal display pieces for:

Commercial Storefront Branding: Retail plazas leverage large channel letter store names stretching across building exteriors. We engineer structural support backing sized for any letter height your architecture permits.

Grand Openings: Special channel letter announcement signs make memorable additions to Hixson properties during launch events and community celebrations when first impressions are critical. We fabricate signs sized for impact.

Channel letter signs consistently rank among the most visually impactful branding investments thanks to their three-dimensional form factor and sleek illumination. When planning eye-catching channel letter displays to put an unforgettable imprint on Hixson properties, optimize success by considering these key factors:

Insist on Premium Quality Materials and Fabrication

Channel construction significantly influences overall sign beauty, lifespan and light transmission. Demand: Aluminum returns and trim caps for durability, Acrylic or polycarbonate faces for clarity/brightness, Waterproof LED modules to eliminate internal corrosion, and Non-corrosive mounting hardware on architectural structures.

Determine Ideal Placement for Maximum Visibility

Visibility studies analyzing sight lines, setbacks, obstructions and traffic flow should guide exact sign positioning to give letters the best illumination stage. Digital renderings verify placements optimize viewer exposure from the greatest distances and approaches.

Design to Architectural Scale for Proportional Impact

Oversized channel letters feel imposing while undersized channel letters get visually buried against structures. Hire suppliers with architectural signage expertise to recommend dimensional letter heights perfectly balancing impressive presence against subtle integration with existing properties.

Consider Lighting Specifications For All Conditions

The luminance of channel letter lighting components ensures optimal glow transmission through sign faces across seasons.  Programmable LED modules enable configuring crisp illumination even during sunny days.

Plan Regular Maintenance Into Budgets

While LED lifetimes reach 5-10 years on average, signs endure outdoor exposure and wiring faults prompting occasional servicing. Ensure accessibility to lighting modules and budget recurring costs like electrical troubleshooting, bulb swap-outs and component replacements.

By prioritizing premier construction quality, maximizing placement visibility, sensitively scaling, engineering light specifications, and planning ongoing maintenance, Hixson companies ensure their custom channel letter signs make brightly illuminated impressions that amplify brand identities for years on end. Consult an experience company like Visual Impression Signs to bring visually striking channel letter visions to life.

For exceptional visibility day or night backed by striking sculptural beauty across endless Hixson applications, custom channel letters get noticed while elegantly conveying brand identities. Contact our sign design consultants at Visual Impression Signs today to explore creating versatile, eye-catching channel letter signs sized and styled to impress.

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