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In many retail and commercial spaces, your sign is competing with a lot of other signs. And some people are driving by, so they don’t have much time to focus on your sign. A pylon sign is a great way to compete in crowded environments. It’s also a great solution to draw people in from afar or make sure that your brand is the first one that they see. Those who are searching for “pylon signs near me” in Chattanooga can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions. Learn more below.


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What is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is the tallest kind of sign that we offer. The sign is suspended on one or two metal posts, and then the rest of the sign is above that. They can be more than a story tall and high enough to be well over the other signs in your area.

As outdoor signs, pylon signs need to stand up to weather, including rain, sunshine, and, most critically for pylon signs, wind. The quality of the materials, build, and installation of these signs is very important to keep people safe and protect your investment in your sign.

Pylon Sign Options

Most pylon signs are topped by a cabinet portion that either advertises one business, like a hotel, or has multiple slots for several different businesses in a plaza. These cabinets can and should be customized to best advertise the businesses using them.

Beyond the design, there are also types of pylon sign supports that you should be aware of. Those types include:

  • Single pole: With one supporting pole.
  • Twin pole: With two supporting poles.
  • Covered pole: A single pole covered to look more appealing.

There are differences in stability and looks between these different types of pylon signs. Your designer should walk you through which might be best for your specific site and other needs.

Single Pole Pylon Sign - Self Service
Pylon Signage Chattanooga, TN

Why Choose a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are one of the best options to draw in traffic and make your brand more present in your area. They have a big audience reach and, for those who own commercial property, they can be a very attractive feature that helps you rent out your space. Some of the uses of pylon signs include:

  • Out-compete close competitors: For restaurants, hotels, and other businesses where being seen first means you’ll be chosen over your competitors.
  • Improve wayfinding: How do people get to your entrance? Do they even know you’re nearby and open? Pylon signs help with wayfinding and drawing people in.
  • Boost branding efforts: Your pylon sign can also help you make bigger, better brand impressions, helping you stay top-of-mind and improving your odds of being chosen by customers.
  • Specific promotions: Pylon signs can include digital elements which can adjust easily and advertise different services and products or send out unique messages to your audience.

What is the Cost of Pylon Signs?

Custom pylon signs are, as you might expect, a big investment for a business. While they are a bit more expensive than other sign types, there are design decisions you can make to lower the cost. However, when you’re choosing this kind of sign, it’s likely more important for you to get a quality sign that will give you great value. We can help you get a sign that fulfills your specific needs.

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We offer high-quality pylon signs in Chattanooga, TN. Contact us to discuss what you need from a pylon sign and get started on yours.