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Custom directional signs point the way. It’s easy to take these kinds of signs for granted and think that their impact is limited to a small, practical matter of how people navigate your space. But they are actually very important. Great wayfinding signs do more than help people find their way—they also make your space seem welcoming, improve customer experience, promote efficiency, contribute to the atmosphere of your property and help you meet the standards of regulations like the ADA. Directional signs deserve extra thought, and our team always gives them the attention they deserve, which can only benefit your business.


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What is a Directional Sign?

A directional sign, also known as a wayfinding sign, directs people through your property. Any sign that gives people a sense of where they are or where they should go can classify as a directional sign, even though it may also serve other purposes.

There are many different types of directional signs. They could be as simple as a directional arrow sign or as complex as a digital directory board. But, in general, the basic way to distinguish wayfinding signs is by those meant for indoor use and those meant for outdoor use.

Interior Directional Signs

Interior directional signs are all about directing people to the right part of your building once they are already inside. Office directional signs might help people confirm they have found the right lobby, help them find an office, a conference room, or even an exit.

While not all properties will have as many directional signs as an office building, all commercial properties will have at least a few, including the most practical options like restroom directional signs and exit signs.

Indoor Exit Signage
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Exterior Wayfinding Signs

Outdoor signs are all about directing people to the right buildings or the right event or area. Event directional signs are commonly banners or flags. Real estate directional signs are commonly hanging signs or post and panel signs. There are many other outdoor wayfinding signs we offer.

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What’s the cost of directional signs? Do your wayfinding signs need to follow ADA rules? How should you go about making a set or system of signs to help people find their way? We can help.

Reach out to us for guidance on every aspect of your directional signs, from strategy and design to following ADA requirements and ensuring proper installation.

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