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Hanging business signs can be used inside and outside, in retail and offices, and essentially anywhere you need to promote your brand or your offerings. There is a wide variety of hanging sign types and materials. Of course, every hanging sign that we produce is high quality and perfectly designed to appeal to your target audience and communicate your message. Get high-quality hanging signs from us at Visual Impression Sign Solutions. Or, read about your options below.

What Are Hanging Signs?

Hanging signs are simply signs that hang, whether from a ceiling, wall, awning, or even their own support. Hanging signs are usually free to swing, although if they are attached to a wall they won’t. Ceiling hanging signs are a favorite for storefronts located indoors that need to catch the attention of people walking by. Hanging options like engraved hanging signs can be used in lobbies or special sections of stores. There is much more to explore when it comes to these signs.


Your Hanging Sign Options

The world of hanging signs is a little complex if you’re not familiar with them. There are many unique materials we use for hanging signs that add durability, great looks, or affordability.

The types of hanging signs you might not know include:

  • PVC hanging signs: PVC is a plastic-like material that offers some advantages over acrylic, which is a more common sign material.
  • Alumalite handing signs: Alumalite is a mixture of aluminum and other materials. It is lighter and often cheaper than an aluminum sign.
  • Dibond hanging signs: This is another way to get the benefits of aluminum without the cost. The interior of these signs is plastic, and the exterior is covered with a thin layer of aluminum.
  • Coroplast hanging signs: These are corrugated plastic signs that are best for temporary use. They are very cost-efficient.
  • HDU hanging signs: High-density urethane signs are a simple, reliable sign type. They are low-cost signs that are easy to cut and very durable in outdoor conditions, including in rain.

Those are some of the materials you might not be familiar with, but we also make hanging signs out of some more familiar materials. Our offerings include:

  • Acrylic hanging signs
  • Banner hanging signs made of vinyl
  • Aluminum hanging signs
  • Wood hanging signs

What Are the Uses of Hanging Signs?

There are endless ways to use hanging signs. Outdoor hanging signs can get attention, promote special events, or promote your brand. Indoor hanging signs can fulfill the same needs indoors but also help with wayfinding or meeting regulatory needs for signs.

What is the Cost of Hanging Signs?

Hanging signs are made from such a wide range of materials that they can range quite widely in cost. We have high-quality options which can become long-term assets for your brand. We also have low-cost options that are great for temporary uses or to get your message out when you’re on a tight budget.

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