SIGNS FOR Restaurants

Does your restaurant need new signs? If you have any old or outdated signs, we can help. Our sign services cover the whole eatery and include menu boards, a-frame signs, channel letter signs, digital signs, and monument signs, to name a few.



Menu Boards

Make sure guests know what food and drinks you have available. Well-designed menu boards help the ordering process and can help with upselling, too. A printed static menu board is good for restaurants with a basic menu that does not change often. Chalkboard menus as suitable for a café type eatery and as quick and easy to update. Menu boards with panels showing each item alongside pictures can be helpful if you have seasonal items. They can be updated using the magnetic panels. One of the most popular options is the digital screen menu board. Everything is shown on a TV-style display. This can help show the food options up close with videos and high-resolution images that can be updated quickly via computer.

A-frame Signs

These are perfect for sidewalk cafes, ice cream shops, and restaurants on busy streets. They are made from two panels with a hinge at the top, perfect for portability. Choose from white or chalkboard faces for easy updates, double-sided with sleeves to insert updated posters with special and new menu items, or windproof with a base that can be filled with sand or water.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are a three-dimensional option typically used for the restaurant name on the building. Individual letters are illuminated and covered with acrylic translucent panels. They can be front-lit, back-lit, or combo, depending on the style you want to convey. Frint-lit is the most common style, with the light shining through the front of the acrylic face. With back or reverse-lit, the light shines through the back of the letter and creates a halo effect as it bounces off the building. If you like both, combo lit is the way to go.

Digital Signs

Digital signs are perfect for locations where updates are common. They can be installed in the front windows to display the menu, hours, and images of the food. They work well as menu boards and show current waiting times. The biggest draw is real-time updates. If you run out of a special item, it can be removed before a guest can even order it.

Monument Signs

If you have the space, a monument sign is a great investment. These freestanding signs work well at the entrance of a restaurant from the road. They are made from highly durable materials like stone and brick to give them a professional and elegant look. Display the name, type of food, and motto using channel or dimensional letters. If you choose dimensional letters, they can be illuminated with a floodlight. If you want quick updates and a modern look, they can be integrated with LED and digital signs for easy updates.