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Custom Wall Murals in Chattanooga, TN

Interest, artistry, and information, a wall mural can add all three to your space. But who wants to fuss with wallpaper or paint? Well, you don’t need to. Visual Impression Sign Solutions offer murals made of vinyl, a thin, strong sign material.

Visual Impression Sign Studios are the wall mural installers near you that you’ve been looking for. Learn about this exciting sign option below.


Wall Murals Chattanooga

What is a Wall Mural?

Wall murals are large pieces of commercial art that define whole spaces, whether that space is your restaurant, your lobby, or your store. You may think of paint murals or wallpaper murals as your only options, but there is a third type of wall mural made from vinyl. Vinyl is a thin, plastic-like material that we use for car wraps and window graphics.

This material can also be custom printed with your mural design and then applied to your wall. Vinyl is ideal for interior wall murals in any space, as it can be custom cut to fit the smallest or largest walls. Plus, vinyl allows us to add interesting textures or create unique effects, like 3D wall murals.

How Can You Use a Wall Mural?

Wall murals aren’t just pretty to look at, although they are certainly that. There are many uses for wall murals beyond just beautifying your space. For example, you might use office wall murals to tell the story of your company in your lobby. It gives people something to connect with and acts as a lobby sign that announces your brand. Office wall murals might be directed toward your employees instead of your clients. You can make the breakroom more relaxing, or educate employees about their benefits or your charitable efforts.

When you take a vinyl wall mural off the wall, the paint beneath it should not be damaged when the right sign partner removes it for you. In fact, some companies use wall murals seasonally, taking them down and replacing them on occasion.

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Where to Get Wall/Office Murals in Chattanooga

Decorative wall murals abound on the internet. You can find tons of great ideas by looking through our gallery or by searching for them online. However, the best wall mural ideas are those that reflect your specific needs. They should communicate your brand and your message, in creative ways that will surprise and delight people. For that kind of brilliant design, you should work with the experts at Visual Impression Sign Solutions. We know how to design murals that make an impression and have the impact that you want them to.

What is the Cost of Wall MuralS in Chattanooga, TN

Good news—the cost of the vinyl wall murals that we offer can be significantly less than the cost of a painted mural or a wallpaper mural. However, it is tough to predict the exact cost of your mural without knowing a few things about it, including the size that you want the mural to be, along with some other design decisions. We’re happy to walk you through the design process and help you understand what kind of mural you can get for your budget.

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