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Trade show signs are the essential signs you need to attend trade shows, expos, hiring events, and other events with booths. Sometimes you might even set up a booth at your property for a special event, offering or sale, and portable trade show displays are helpful there too. Pop-up tradeshow displays need to stand out and engage your audience, as you are competing with other booths. We offer Chattanooga trade show displays that you can use to make your presence known at any event. Learn more about what goes into a great trade show sign below.


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What is a Trade Show Display?

Trade show booth displays are a combination of several different signs and other materials that brand your booth, make it stand out, and communicate your message to the crowd. There is no set formula for a trade show display, but it typically includes at least three signs that coordinate together to make a single look.

What do you want your trade show banners and display to look like? Likely, you want them to fit these criteria:

  • Stand out and make a big impression
  • Is highly portable and quick to set up and bring down
  • Works with your trade show supplies
  • Fits your table or booth size
  • Is durable and can last through multiple events

Elements of Your Trade Show Display

Every trade show exhibit is different, which is a good thing because it will help you stand out. While you should work with a designer to choose the elements that are most likely to work for your unique brand and what you’re trying to communicate at the specific show you’re going to. However, you can consider the different elements you could add to your display. Types of tradeshow displays include those with:

  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Pop-ups
  • Fabric signs
  • Table covers
  • Table runners

Plus, you will need these signs to coordinate with the marketing materials that you have on the table itself, such as pamphlets, gifts, prizes, documents, buttons, and much more.

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Colorful Tradeshow Display & Exhibit

What Can Your Display Do For You?

Tabletop trade show displays are primarily about getting attention for your brand. However, that is far from the only thing that they should do for you. Especially when you’re using your display at an unusual event, like a hiring fair or a local business convention, your display should go above and beyond at attracting or inspiring your target audience.

Some of the lesser known uses of tradeshow displays include:

  • Explain your company’s history in the community
  • Adding depth and complexity to your brand identity
  • Encouraging feedback on new offerings
  • Deepening your connection with potential investors
  • Attracting potential employees
  • Improving the company’s reputation
  • Promoting your event or an in-store offering

Do you have another use in mind for your trade show display? We can help. Talk to us about the event you’re attending or hosting, and we can design a custom option just for it.

What’s the Cost of Trade Show Displays?

We’re among the best trade show display companies in Chattanooga, TN. We can offer you a truly high-end display with all of the bells and whistles you need to be successful. Or, we can make design decisions that keep your display more modest, but still give you the impact and value you’re looking for. Tell us your budget and we’ll help you get a trade show display that you’re comfortable with.

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Anyone who is attending a tradeshow or event in Chattanooga can rely on Visual Impression Sign Solutions to get them a stunning tradeshow display. If that’s you, reach out to us today.