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Custom monument signs are impactful signs that can make your property look great and accomplish some critical goals for your business too. Those goals can be varied, from helping people spot where your business and its entrance is, to sending out long, specific messages to connect with your community. The team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions can help you get just the right kind of monument sign for you and show you the latest options that offer big improvements over typical monument signs. If you are searching for monument signs near you, read on and we can help.


Monument Sign Types by Features and Materials

Modern monument signs are available with many more different features and many more varied materials than they used to be. There are now three relatively new types of monument signs that you might find are right for you:

  • Architectural monument signs: These are monument signs made with the architecture and materials of your building in mind. We can build you a monument sign with the exact exterior materials that you have, like brick and stone.
  • LED monument signs: These are highly efficient monument signs with LED lights in them. This helps them be visible at night and from further away.
  • Electronics monument signs: Like a digital sign board, these monument signs have a digital display that is completely customizable, even with movement.

You might also divide monument signs up by their material types:

  • Foam monument signs
  • Brick monument signs
  • Acrylic monument signs
  • Metal monument signs
  • Stone monument signs

How to Use Monument Signs

Many of the niche uses for monument signs might not be obvious to you, but they are worth exploring. For the right business, a monument sign can be a very useful tool for your business.

  • Make up for security: Facilities with tall fences, security presence, and other security measures may feel unwelcoming, but a monument sign can change that without impacting security. Just put the monument sign out front.
  • Communicate long messages: Monument signs have a lot of room for a message, and they can fit whole sentences. You can therefore use these signs to send out a more specific message, like when your next event is.
  • Increase your branding: For businesses that are among other businesses or have very small storefronts, a monument sign is a good option to make your brand presence stronger outside of your building.
  • Make your entrance obvious: Are you tucked behind trees, far back from the road, or hidden in a big plaza? A monument sign can tell people that they can find your business nearby.

Businesses that tend to choose monument signs include:

  • Churches and not-for-profits
  • Schools, fire stations, and public buildings
  • Large retail locations
  • Large office buildings
  • Many more

If you’re not sure a monument sign is the right option for your business, reach out to discuss your options with us today.

What is the Cost of Monument Signs?

Monument signs for businesses can vary widely in price. Much depends on whether you choose digital elements or lighting for your sign. Materials and size can be a big determiner of cost too. Your designer will give you a clear and honest estimate. And, if you tell us about your budget earlier in the design process, we can help you make the right design decisions to keep the sign within your budget while also getting a design that you’ll be happy with for a long time.
Monument Signage - Fossil Butte

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These are durable signs that will represent your business to the whole community for many years to come. Trust us for your monument sign installation in Chattanooga, TN.

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