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Reception lobby signs in offices, retail, and other locations help your business make the amazing impression it needs to keep growing. 3D lobby signs make your brand name “pop” off the wall, but flat vinyl signs can make a good impression too. Ultimately, because a lobby sign is such an important representation of your brand, you want to select its color, style, materials, and other design elements very carefully. Anyone curious about the design process or looking for “lobby signs near me” can read more about lobby signs below.


The Basics of Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signs are the large, branded signs that you can place in your lobby. Any organization with a lobby, whether it’s an office, a not-for-profit, a spa, or a dentist’s office, can use a lobby sign to enhance the space and its impact on customers and potential customers.

A lobby sign may seem straightforward and just about branding. However, even branding is a more complex task than you might think. And, there are other uses for lobby signs, such as:

  • Branding: Finishes, lighting, layout, and all other sign elements need to match your branding.
  • Identity and aesthetics: A prominent sign will help give your space a sense of identity and look good too.
  • Foot traffic: Lobby signs that are visible from outside can help draw people in.
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Your Lobby Sign Options

There are a bunch of types of lobby signs, from 3D logo wall signs to backlit lobby signs with enchanting lighting. When you’re choosing the type of sign that you need, the most important thing to do is to understand your brand identity and work with your designers to find the design choices that will work best to represent your brand. One of the most important decisions to this end is choosing the right main material for your sign. Each material can bring different attitudes and feelings to the sign. Here are some examples:

  • Acrylic lobby signs: Acrylic is a highly flexible material that can achieve a wide range of looks, from playful to professional and unique to stable.
  • Metal lobby signs: There are different metal options, each of which feels a little different. But, if your brand needs to feel trustworthy, high-end, technologically savvy, or cutting edge, then metal is a good place to start.
  • Wooden lobby signs: As you might imagine, wood can bring a homey, earthy, old-fashioned feeling to any lobby sign. It can also be eco-friendly.
  • Vinyl lobby signs: Vinyl isn’t as impactful as other sign materials, but it is very flexible and can pull off a wide variety of impressions.

What’s the Cost of Lobby Signs?

Much of the cost of your lobby sign will depend on which one of those materials you chose for your sign. We can help steer you to a material that will work with your brand identity and your budget. Plus, lighting will add a great deal of cost too, so that is something to consider when you’re making your design decisions.

Ultimately, your designer at Visual Impression Sign Solutions will help you make a design you love and give you a clear estimate so that you’re certain you’re comfortable with the cost before you go ahead with the sign. Reach out to us to start a design consultation and get a sense of what a reception sign might end up costing you.

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