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Why leave your walls plain when you can add signs to them at a cost that’s hard to ignore? Vinyl wall signs, also known as wall graphics, wall decals, wall lettering, and wall murals, are thin, custom signs that can be applied to any wall. Unlike other wall signs, when they are removed, vinyl does not damage the paint beneath. Vinyl signs are so affordable and convenient that they can be used as temporary signs. Although, they are durable and high-quality enough to stay on your wall for years if you like.

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Vinyl Wall Graphics in Chattanooga

What Are Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are signs that are made of thin vinyl material. Vinyl is a kind of plastic, but it looks and acts more like a very tough piece of paper. We get these high-quality sheets of vinyl and can dye them and custom-cut them. We can achieve very high-quality graphics or add any other design elements that you’re looking for.

Although all of these signs are made of vinyl, there are different types. You can define types of wall graphics by the weight of the vinyl sheet (heavier is better for most applications) or by the finish or texture applied to the sheet. You can also define wall graphics by their size or shape. Most are custom cut and there is some overlap in terms, but wall decals usually refer to the smaller signs and wall murals to signs that take up a whole wall.

Benefits of Wall Graphics in an Office

Wall graphics are very often used in offices because they have so many characteristics that make them valuable for this space. First, they are highly affordable so even an office that needs a lot of signs can fit them in their budget. Plus, as perfectly customizable signs, they can add any kind of information or atmosphere that your office needs. One of the key benefits of these signs is that they are not just for marketing or branding, but also aesthetics. You can make your lobby, your staff room, or any space in your office look fantastic with these signs.


Other Uses for Vinyl Wall Graphics

These signs aren’t just for offices, other businesses can use wall graphics as well. There are many potential uses for these signs in retail spaces, warehouses, and other places, including:

  • Branding: Add your brand identity to any space.
  • Wayfinding: Use these signs to help people find their way.
  • Personality: Experiment and take risks with these affordable signs and add personality.
  • Safety: Make sure that safety information is prominently displayed.

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What Is the Cost of Wall Decals?

We offer wall decal printing in Chattanooga, TN, and can help you estimate the cost of your decal. While wall graphics are very affordable, they still range in cost depending on the specific weight of vinyl you need, the size and cut of the sign, and some other design decals. But if you share your budget with us, we can help you get a sign design you love that is still in your budget.

Beautiful Designed Wall Graphics by Visual Impression Sign Solutions

Wall Graphic Design, Creation, and Installation

The team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions does everything involving wall graphics in Chattanooga. You can trust us to create just the right design to match your brand and get your message heard or to create the right atmosphere and look for your space.

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