What does it take to handle sign installation the right way? Meticulous planning. Custom mounting solutions. And experienced crews who get it done efficiently. At Visual Impression Signs, we pride ourselves on providing seamless sign installations from start to finish. Because we understand the importance of properly mounting and displaying your new business signage.

When you invest in commercial signage, you expect it to command attention. To effectively communicate your brand identity. And to maintain its visual impact for years to come. Shoddy installation threatens that vision. While expert mounting realizes it. 



What Exactly is Our Role as Your Sign Installation Experts?

As Chattanooga’s premier sign company, proper installation is our specialty. We don’t just design and fabricate exceptional signs. We handle the entire process to bring your vision to life. Leaving nothing to chance. And no details overlooked.

We begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs through careful planning and communication. Then we engineer mounting solutions tailored specifically to your signs and locations. Finally, our experienced crews draw on their expertise to efficiently execute the installation. All while minimizing disruption and protecting your property. 

When you choose Visual Impression Signs, you’re getting more than just signs. You’re gaining a partner invested in your brand’s success. One who will not only meet but exceed your installation expectations. So your new signage makes the intended impact from day one. And for years to come.

What Does Our Meticulous Planning Process Entail?

Installation day is when the rubber meets the road. So careful advance planning is critical for smooth execution. Our project managers thoroughly evaluate each sign location to identify any potential hurdles. Gaining exact measurements and assessing factors like:

– Wall construction and materials
– Power sources for illuminated signs 
– Local zoning laws and permit requirements  
– Visibility needs and sight lines
– Foot traffic patterns and accessibility
– Exposure to weather and sunlight

Armed with this detailed information, we can formulate plans to address any challenges proactively. Ensuring no surprises on installation day. We also interface with the city permit office on your behalf, leveraging our strong working relationship to expedite approval.

With comprehensive planning, we have the right game plan in place when it’s go time. Allowing your crews to focus on flawless execution. 

How Do We Design the Optimal Mounting Solutions?

Your signs should be treated like the investments they are. And installed with their long-term integrity in mind. That’s why our installation team engineers a customized mounting solution for each sign tailored to its:

– Size and dimensions
– Type of sign 
– Location and positioning
– Weight and materials

For interior vinyl signs, a simple peel-and-stick application may suffice. But larger signs call for more heavy duty options. Like bolting into wall studs or suspending from rafters and ceilings. Exterior installations often require welded brackets anchored into the building facade. Monuments and freestanding signs need entire footing and foundation design. 

Illuminated signs also receive special consideration to route wiring and power sources neatly and effectively. The goal is stability and security without compromising aesthetics. And of course, protecting the integrity of your building itself.

Our customized mounting solutions provide that ideal blend of form and function. Keeping your new signs secure, level, and looking their best.

How Does Our Expert Crew Handle Efficient Installation?

With thousands of installations under our belt, Visual Impression Signs has honed the process. Our professional crews have the expertise to interpret installation plans and seamlessly execute them. And the right tools, equipment, and manpower to get the job done efficiently.

For smaller indoor signs, we can typically finish in just a few hours. Leaving minimal impact on your business operations. More complex exterior signs may occupy the better part of a day depending on accessibility, weather, and other variables. 

Multi-day installation projects are carefully scheduled around your hours and needs. We take precautions like drop cloths and protective boards to safeguard your property throughout the process. And leave the area spotless once our work is complete. 

Our crews will thoroughly inspect the finished product before departing. Ensuring your new signs are mounted soundly and ready to impress!

Why Should You Invest in Ongoing Maintenance?

Unlike some sign companies, our relationship doesn’t end when installation is finished. We seek to establish lasting partnerships with clients. Which includes backing our work with ongoing maintenance and service.

Should you notice any issues with your signage down the road, we’re just a call away. From replacing burnt out bulbs to repairing wiring, our technicians can keep illuminated components looking their best. We’ll also patch holes, touch up paint, or service signs affected by weather.

Consider us your long-term sign care team. Our goal is maintaining your signage in optimal condition so it continues effectively communicating your brand.

Why Should You Trust Chattanooga’s Premier Sign Installation Service?

When it’s time to install new commercial signage in Chattanooga, call the professionals. Our comprehensive approach covers all the bases – from planning to design to flawless installation and beyond. Contact Visual Impression Signs at 423-635-7144 for expert mounting that brings your vision to life. Your brand identity is worth getting right. We’re here to help make that happen.