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Your brand deserves to “pop” and dimensional letter signs do just that. 3D letters are a great addition to your brand’s sign strategy both inside and outside of the building.

What are Dimensional Sign Letters?

Dimensional signs are made up of individual letters made out of materials like metal, wood, or plastics. Each letter is constructed separately and then arranged together to form the sign. These signs stand out and cast shadows. You can also add lighting to them to enhance the effect. However, if you want to put lighting inside of these letters you’re looking for channel letter signs instead.

3D building logos, while not letters, also count as these kinds of signs because they are made in the same way. Just instead of a letter, the sign is a logo. 3D logos are often combined with letters in the same sign.



Emily Ramsey - 8/4/23
The sign is nothing short of amazing!!! It was worth every penny. I know your team busted rear to get this done on time and for that I am so grateful, as the family was stunned and overwhelmed with appreciation. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. I am beyond grateful!!
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Design Choices for Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters aren’t as simple as they seem. To get the best sign there are many important design decisions you need to make, and we can help. The first major decision is whether this will be an indoor or an outdoor sign. Outdoor 3D letters need to contend with the environment, and they usually need to be big to catch attention. Indoor 3D letters can be made of less durable but sometimes more interesting materials. They might be smaller, or they might need to be quite large, depending on where you’re putting them and where they will be viewed from.

Lighting is another major design decision you need to make for these signs. Lighting is a great element to add inside or out, but it is certainly more necessary on outdoor signs which might be viewed in darkness. Three-dimensional office signs might always be in a lit room.

There are also different types of dimensional letters made of different materials. Stainless steel dimensional letters are one of the most popular options because they handle the elements well. But you can also get dimensional lettering made out of acrylic, wood, and other metals.

How to Use 3-Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letters can be used to make any word “pop.” So, anywhere you want to put a short message, consider if it could benefit from being a little bolder. Here are some uses for dimensional letters you might want to consider:

  • Designate a spot for people to take social media pictures, the sign helps you generate tourism.
  • Label a section of your retail store or your office with giant letters.
  • Spell out names on office doors or add labeling to other doors.
  • List your building’s address or name in the lobby or at the entryway.
  • Add your branding to the exterior of your building.

What is the Cost of Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional sign letters vary in cost depending on a few different design factors. Large, outdoor lit signs will cost the most. Indoor, smaller, non-lit signs will, in general, cost less. Sometimes you can reduce the cost of your sign by reducing the letters, or replacing your whole brand name with, for example, just a 3D building logo. We can help you make design choices that will both keep your sign within your budget and make it a high-quality sign that represents your brand well.

Custom Dimensional Letters Experts in Chattanooga, TN

The team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions is always excited to work on 3-dimensional letter signs. These are important, impactful signs that will often define the feel of the space that you put them in. We’re looking forward to discussing your sign needs with you.

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