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Window graphics, also known as window decals, are an amazing way to add life, personality, and messaging to any window, from a storefront window to an office door window. As vinyl, these are durable and affordable signs which can help you reach any number of business goals. Trust Visual Impression Sign Solutions to offer the right window graphic design for your purpose, whether you need a retail window graphic or an office window graphic. If you’re searching for “window graphics near me” then you’ve found the right place. Learn more below.


Your Options for Custom Decals for Windows

More than window stickers, our graphics are made of high-quality vinyl with an adhesive backing that does not damage your glass. Instead, these graphics stand up to sunlight and remain beautiful and in place for years. You can use them as temporary signs or permanent signs.

There are different types of window graphics, including:

  • Transparent window graphics: Also known as clear window decals, these sheets are see-through. You may use them to reduce glare or add UV protection to your windows. Part of a decorative graphic may also be transparent if it is left undyed. This can draw more attention to the dyed parts.
  • Perforated window graphics: These are window graphics with small holes which allow them to be opaque in one direction and transparent in the other. They are ideal for windows you need to see out of or for use on vehicles. The same material in some vehicle wraps is used for window graphics as well.
  • Decorative window graphics: This includes signs like logo window decals. They include color, text, and other design elements. They can be unusually shaped and any size you need, even full walls.
  • Frosted windows: If you have ever wondered how to make windows look permanently frosted, this is the answer. These graphics apply a kind of fog to the window, which can be somewhat seen through, but still offers privacy. It is highly useful for environments that need to feel secure or discreet.

Searching for “perforated window graphics for businesses near me” or something else highly specific? Our team can help you find what you’re looking for. Reach out today.

Custom Window Graphics

What to Communicate with Window Graphics and signs

There are many different uses of window graphics, including:

  • Branding: Logos on your windows and other vinyl signs can help you add branding to any space, and increase your brand’s impact and recognizability.
  • Communication: Storefront window graphics can communicate essential information, like your hours, your store policies, or information about products and services.
  • Atmosphere: Window graphics can excite and entertain or calm and soothe. It all depends on the atmosphere you need to cultivate and what kind of sign design can help achieve it.
  • Wayfinding: Window graphics are also a good option to help people navigate, at least when they would be standing near or looking at a window to try to figure out where they are and where they are going.

The Cost of Window Graphics

Window advertising graphics range in price, largely depending on the type of vinyl you want to use, as well as the size of the sign and its design. Everyone is working on a budget, and we can help you get the very best sign for your purposes while keeping it within your budget. Discuss your options with us.

Vinyl Window Sign Chattanooga, TN

Vinyl Window Signs in Chattanooga

The team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions offers everything for your Chattanooga window decals. That includes high-quality window graphic printing in Chattanooga so you get your sign on time with high-quality window graphics installation in Chattanooga.

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