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Would a digital billboard help your brand stand out? Would it make it easier to send complex messages? Yes and yes. Electronic signs are programmable displays. These signs can include movement and change in an instant, just like a television screen. Investing in electronic signs makes good sense for many different businesses. But, if you’re still on the fence and searching for electronic signs near you, you can read more about this option below.

What Are Electronic Signs?

Electronic signs are programmable LED displays within another sign type. The display portion works like any modern screen—you can program it to display the message that you want, whether that is your branding, a promotion for your next event, a map of your facility, and much more. The possibilities are endless and changing the sign is simple, which is why these signs are so beneficial.


Electric Signage Chattanooga, TN

Your Electronic Sign Options

There are almost as many types of electronic signs as there are types of signs. That’s because many business signs can be upgraded with a digital display. This includes exterior and indoor electronic signs. However, outdoor electronic signs are more common and include options like pylon signs and monument signs. Inside, directory signs and other lobby signs are worthwhile options to upgrade with a digital display.

Portable electronic message boards are a unique sign type that you should know about. They are made for use on roadways and highways and can indicate when lanes are closed or where construction is.

Why Invest in Electronic Signs?

Electronic signs are useful, flexible, interesting signs that can engage your audience better than any other option. Investing in electronic signs is smart when you need a sign that can communicate a lot, catch the attention of crowds, or change easily. The uses for electronic signs include wayfinding in complex properties or offices, displaying a lot of information like a menu, and displaying information that constantly changes, such as arrival and departure times at transportation hubs. You can also use electronic signs for more basic promotional purposes, where they can catch attention and motivate sales.

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What is the Cost of Electronic Signs?

Digital displays are a costly element in a sign. They make up for their cost with their high value, so you get a great return on investment. However, including a digital element in your sign will simply increase the cost, which is why we offer clear estimates before we go ahead with making your sign. Tell us about your budget and we can help you make design decisions that will keep your sign within your budget—without compromising its quality.

Get Electronic Signs for Your Business in Chattanooga

We offer digital billboards and other electronic signs for businesses in Chattanooga. Beyond that, we also offer the professional advice you need to make the most of your sign budget and get a final product that will be a big asset for your business.

Reach out to us to discuss your electronic sign options and design.

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