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Custom building signs are, by and large, the number one way that brands in retail spaces, offices, and other buildings announce their presence in the community. With your brand name in big metal letters, or printed onto a beautiful fabric awning, who would miss stopping into your shop? It sounds like an exaggeration, but your building sign should be designed to appeal to your ideal customer. If you’re searching for “building signs near me,” you can get the answers to your key questions below.


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What Counts as a Business Sign?

What are building signs? While you might think any sign in a business is a “business sign,” that’s not specific enough. Usually, when people talk about building signs they mean the exterior building signs that label the building with the brand inside. These are usually building sign letters, although they can also include elements like logos and other flourishes.

Your Construction Sign Options

Your building sign should be personalized to your brand. Different types of building signs work with different brands, although some are more flexible than others. Some of your options for building signs include:


Placing building channel letter signs outside your business draws instant interest, catching the attention of passersby with just a quick glance. Durable materials such as metal, plastic, and perforated vinyl are custom-made to meet the unique needs and preferences your company requires. Many are internally illuminated to continue drawing potential customers’ eyes after dark. Exposed neon and backlit channel letters give any building that extra “oomph” and allow further customization through innovative colors and designs.

The Beverly Hills Building Signage
3-Dimensional Sign Letter - Burger Lab


Commercial dimensional letter signs are common in many industries. Creative business owners appreciate the vast array of sizes, styles, textures, and materials used to build these long-lasting pieces, which can be mounted flush to the wall’s surface or in a raised position. Whichever you choose, extensive design possibilities give you complete customization control. Individual letters or numbers allow for variation while bolstering visual depth, which helps potential customers locate your building and highlights your brand message from a distance. Likewise, this bolsters visibility during nighttime or rough weather conditions.

Dimensional letter signs can also be placed inside the building. They create interior illumination while advertising sales, promoting products, and capturing consumer attention exactly where and when it’s needed. These can be customized to meet your depth, size, and material needs.


Boost brand awareness with outdoor vinyl signs in your window. They promote your company from afar, with windows as the ideal space to advertise the latest specials, services, and products that keep customers coming back. Change them regularly to help buyers stay up-to-date on the newest offerings. 

Get both your brand and your logo the attention they deserve without the hassle or expense of more complicated sign options. These signs are easy to apply and remove for a fresh look whenever you’d like. Since they help shade windows from UV rays, they also block excess sunlight and may help you save on monthly energy bills. 

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If you’re ready to give your company a facelift, look no further than cabinet signage. A surefire way to showcase your property, they’ll help drive business to your door from a distance. Display your company’s name, logo, or customize something unique that reflects your mission and values. LED lighting gives this bright signage an edge, revealing why these timeless designs make such excellent marketing tools. 


Awning graphics and signs are the ideal blend between style and function. While they serve the same purpose as traditional signs, protrusion from the building creates dimension and a sense of mystery, inviting guests to explore what’s indoors. These immediate attention-grabbers can easily display your company name and logo or promote a special sale, service, or event. 

Awning signs are more versatile than business owners might assume. Select from simple designs of stretched canvas to regularly switch up your signage, or choose something heavy-duty that will hold up over time. The advertising potential is impossible to ignore, and bold colors, styles, and designs help cement your brand’s status. This type of storefront signage is a 3-dimensional object that requires space, but it can also do double-duty to protect outdoor areas, such as patios or receiving docks.

Awning Sign

One of the main distinctions between these outdoor signs is between lit and non-lit signs. Lighted building signs will get more impressions at night, but they will also be more expensive. Note that you can add lighting to signs like awnings, which don’t have a built-in light, to make them more visible at night. If you’re open when it’s dark out, it’s wise to invest in lighting for your outdoor signs. Even if you aren’t, the impressions these signs make at night are valuable too.


How to Use a Building Sign

Yes, a building sign is a necessity for most brick-and-mortar businesses. But that doesn’t mean you should take their function for granted. As with any sign, you should be strategic about your building sign design, know what you want it to achieve, and focus on those goals during the design process. Of course, our experts can help you with that. But, to get you started, here are some uses of building signs you may want to focus on:

  • Generating interest: Signs need to catch attention, or they just don’t work. We can help you make a surprising, interesting sign with smart techniques.
  • Improving aesthetics: Your sign needs to enhance the look of your building and contribute to a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Representing your brand: Building signs usually need to be in your brand font and your brand color.
  • Improving foot traffic: Drawing people in is one of the most important functions of a building sign.

What is the Cost of Building Signs?

Signs for buildings are available at a wide range of price points. The good news is this means we can tailor your sign to fit within your budget. You can, of course, expect these signs to cost more than smaller signs. However, that investment is well worth it when you get a sign that truly works for your brand. Things like material choice, size, sign type, mounting decisions, and lighting choices will all impact the final price of your sign. We can work with you to ensure your sign is not only beautiful and functional, but at a cost you can afford.

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Commercial Building Signs in Chattanooga

As a building sign maker, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of sign options and providing the smart design advice that you need to make the most of your sign investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several different types of signs required on a construction site, depending on the jurisdiction, but the most common signs you’ll see are warning signs, safety signs, directional signs, caution signs, and emergency evacuation signs.

Absolutely. Placement is the most crucial part of safety signs because they have to give a warning before the hazard, otherwise they won’t serve their purpose. If you don’t place your safety signs accordingly, you could be liable if someone hurts themselves on your work site.

The most important signs you need on your building site are safety signs. There are many dangers on a construction site and you have to warn your workers and others on the site. You will need wayfinding signs to make the site easier to navigate.

Building signs can be made from many different materials. Construction signs are most commonly made of plastic or aluminum and other materials that are lightweight and easy to move.

Construction signs are usually made of bright colors so that they’re highly visible, most commonly used is orange with black pictograms. Building signs can use many different colors, depending on what the purpose of the sign is.

You can, but a construction sign’s main function is to provide a clear and concise warning, so customization is often unnecessary.

To get a building sign permit you need to follow specific steps, which will vary depending on your area. The first thing is to figure out if you need one or not. Then you must submit an application and fill out paperwork. It’s a tedious process, but luckily for you, we can take care of it all.

It all depends on what type of sign you order and how long it takes to make it. In a sit-down consultation, we go over all the finer details and let you know everything you can expect upfront with your sign project.

This depends on many factors, like what material it’s made from, how big it is, how complex the design is, and how long the entire process will take.

We have a delivery truck that’s equipped to handle the delivery of signs of all different sizes. For smaller signs that don’t require a truck or trailer, we can deliver them in a van.