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Vinyl Vehicle Graphics Chattanooga

If you’re looking to transform your fleet or convey your brand creatively, vehicle graphics are an attractive and affordable solution. Use graphics to refresh your image or highlight products and services as you drive around town. We offer a wide range of vinyl graphics services in Chattanooga to help your vehicles and brand stand out. Learn more below about how custom graphics can benefit your business.



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Types of Vehicle Graphics

We offer a full range of vinyl graphic options to take your vehicles from drab to fab. Popular graphics we create include:

Partial Vehicle Graphics

Partial wraps cover only sections of the vehicle, usually the front or back half. This is a more affordable option than full wraps, but partials still grab attention on the road. They are ideal for reinforcing your most important messaging.


Add colorful stripes and accents along the sides and hoods with vinyl striping. Use them to highlight key design elements or just for a sporty, eye-catching aesthetic. Striping is very versatile.


Decals made of cut vinyl can be placed on doors, sides, rear ends, hoods, and more. They are great for displaying logos, text, phone numbers, images and other basic information. Easy to apply and change out.


Classic cut vinyl lettering placed right on the vehicle body provides a simple, timeless way to display core messaging. Letter size, font, and color can be customized.

Window Graphics

See-through vinyls allow for graphics, text, or patterns to be added to windows for privacy purposes or additional messaging. Also protects passengers from UV rays.

Those are some of the most popular options, but the possibilities don’t end there. We can create custom graphics tailored exactly to your brand and vehicles. Whether you want something sleek or loud, standard or one-of-a-kind, our team makes it happen.

Ideas from the Vinyl Graphics Specialists

We partner with you to bring your vision to life. If you need ideas, our creative team can provide concepts, or we can simply help perfect your own. Design elements we may suggest include:

  • Shapes and lines that imply speed or movement to grab attention
  • Large, bold graphics that are easily visible from a distance while driving
  • Unique or unexpected colors that will get your vehicles noticed
  • Cohesive color schemes and fonts that reinforce brand identity
  • Patterns, textures, or photographic images for visual interest
  • Merchandising tie-ins with logos, mascots, or product imagery
  • Slogans, special offers, and calls-to-action to promote engagement
  • Aspirational environmental backdrops like city skylines
  • Essential info like phone numbers, website URLs, addresses etc.

When it comes to the design, the sky is the limit. We can make vehicles look fast, fun, luxurious, rugged, or professional – whatever vibe suits your brand. Our team will work with you to develop graphics that align with your specific marketing objectives.

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The Cost of Vehicle Graphics in Chattanooga

Exploring the realm of vehicle graphics in Chattanooga brings forth a range of costs, shaped by choices like lettering or intricate designs, intricately tied to variables such as vehicle type and size. Our specialized service stands ready to offer detailed and transparent estimates, ensuring a clear understanding of expenses before making your definitive design choice in the vibrant world of vehicle graphics.

Like most custom signage, the cost of your vehicle graphics will depend on a few factors:

Type of Vehicle

Size and shape impacts the amount of materials and effort needed. Graphics for a small sedan will cost less than graphics covering a large section of a semi truck and trailer.

Area to be Covered

The more surface area covered, the higher the cost.

Design Complexity

Simple, straightforward graphics tend to cost less than highly detailed, intricate designs. Factors like special materials, effects, and contours also add cost.

We provide free consultations and estimates, so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise for your specific vehicle and graphics. Prices are influenced by the factors above, but we work to offer competitive rates. Vehicle graphics provide immense advertising value and branding potential for the investment.

Who Benefits from Commercial Vehicle Graphics?

A wide variety of businesses and organizations use vehicle graphics to promote brands, communicate with customers, simplify operations, and stand out. Potential applications include:

  • Food trucks, delivery fleets, and restaurants advertising with menus, photos, slogans etc.
  • Plumbers, contractors, landscapers, and home service companies touting phone numbers, discounts, and other promotional info
  • Shuttle bus services and transportation companies clearly displaying routes and branding
  • Police, fire departments, and city services conveying public messages or safety info
  • Local events, festivals, fairs using eye-catching graphics on parked vehicles
  • Auto dealerships, detailers, mechanics customizing inventory or loaner cars
  • Nonprofit groups and charities raising awareness for causes or fundraising events
  • Sports teams and schools showing off spirit with mascots, logos, and imagery
  • Photographers and tourism companies making vans photo-ready for ads
  • And countless more! Any business with branded vehicles can benefit from graphics.

The opportunities are almost endless. Even if you have just one company car or run an entire fleet, graphics allow you to leverage your vehicles to build brand recognition and achieve marketing goals.

Vinyl Truck Wrap Chattanooga, TN

Get Quality Designs and Installation for Your Vehicle Graphics

Our team brings a commitment to excellence to every step of the process when you order graphics with us:

  • Our expert designers work closely with you to create graphics that are engaging and on-brand. We’ll explore possibilities and combinations until we land on something you love.
  • We use state of the art printers and high-quality 3M films to produce graphics with rich, vivid colors that really make your vehicles pop.
  • Skilled installers flawlessly apply the graphics on-site working around curved surfaces, bumpers, mirrors and all vehicle contours.
  • We meticulously ensure every graphic is installed smoothly and properly so it looks seamless and lasts safely for years.
  • Friendly, responsive customer service makes the process easy, addressing your questions promptly.

For vehicle graphics that get your brand noticed around Chattanooga, get in touch today for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

We start first with creating a design. Then we print the vinyl for the wrap. Next, we prepare the vehicle for the vinyl wrap to be applied. Then we apply the wrap, smoothing it out with a squeegee or a roller while we do it so that the surface is smooth. Once the wrap is applied and smoothed, we clean it gently, so the final product looks pristine and ready for the road.

It depends on how big the vehicle is because we price the wrap per square foot. A typical job can run anywhere between $3,000-10,000 dollars. Wrapping an 18-wheeler would cost a lot more than a small car. If your vehicle is small enough, it may only cost you between $1,500-3,000 dollars.

We suggest giving it a wash 24 hours before the wrap is applied, that way it has plenty of time to dry. The surface needs to be dry when we apply the wrap, so do not clean it right before. We will take care of smoothing out any inconsistencies in the surface, so the application process goes smoothly.

It depends on the shape and size of the vehicle. It usually takes between 2-3 days to wrap a car, but sometimes can take only a day. It can take longer if it is a bigger vehicle. We also like to let the car sit for another couple of days for the wrap to adhere properly to the vehicle.

You can take care of your vehicle wrap by washing it with gentle soap and water regularly. If you get mud or bird droppings on your car, wash them off right away so they don’t get baked into the wrap by the sun. Do not go through a car wash with brushes.

No, a vehicle wrap will protect your original paint. Think of it as a protective shell. It is essentially an extra layer of material overtop of your car’s paint. Your car’s paint will not be damaged in the removal process either.

Yes, but you must use a specific type of wrap to accomplish this. Only perforated wraps and graphics can be added to your window because they will not obstruct your view of the road.

Yes, it will. Your original paint is completely covered, and so are all the imperfections. Wrapping your vehicle is a quick way to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle.

If you get a full wrap, it will. You can opt for a particle wrap and with the right design, the color of your car can be blended in with the wrap. Vehicle decals are another option if you do not want to completely cover your vehicle.