Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Custom Magnets for Car, Van, Truck

If you understand the power of advertising on your vehicle, but you don’t want to do it all of the time, business car magnets are an excellent solution. These magnetic signs can be placed on your vehicle when you want to stand out and send your message. But, you can take the sign off whenever necessary. We offer custom magnetic signs for all kinds of businesses. If you are looking for magnetic car signs near you, then you’ll want to learn more about them below.

What is a Magnetic Sign?

Essentially, these signs are vehicle magnets. Vehicles are naturally made of magnetic metals, and we can take advantage of that to create magnetic signs that can stick on the vehicle securely while in motion but can also be taken off easily. We take our high-quality vinyl, custom print on your design, and back the sign with a strong magnetic strip.


Vehicle Magnetic Sign

Your Magnetic Sign Options

There are many different types of magnetic signs, defined not by their design, but by the type of vehicle that they are designed to be attached to. We offer:

  • Custom car magnets
  • Magnetic signs for trucks
  • Magnetic van signs

All of our magnetic signs are custom. They should be sized appropriately for your vehicle and their design should also work with the color and shape of your vehicle. We can go over all of that in our design process and ensure you get a sign that will look great on anything from an RV to an ATV.

Uses for Magnetic Signs

Vehicle magnets are most useful for businesses with commercial vehicles that double as personal vehicles or might be on the road when they are not technically on the job. Here are some kinds of businesses where magnetic signs might make more sense than a permanent vehicle wrap:

  • Driving schools
  • Lyft or Uber drivers
  • Personal drivers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Real estate agents
  • Private investigators
  • Temporary vehicle services
  • Contractors
  • Other small businesses

What is the Cost of Magnetic Signs?

Magnetic car decals range in price but are generally very affordable. The vinyl material on the front is durable and can up to outdoor environments, but it also isn’t too costly because it is so lightweight and thin. The magnets for these signs aren’t unusually expensive either. So, the cost of your magnetic sign usually comes down to how large the sign is and a few other design choices. We can help you figure out what kind of sign might fit in your budget and give you an honest estimate before you commit.

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Custom car magnets are highly useful signs for the right company. We offer well-designed signs with strong magnets that will help you make an impression wherever you drive—but only when you want to.

Reach out to us today to get started.

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