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Environmental Graphics and Signs in Chattanooga

Environmental design is the latest trend in modern office design, and it can be very useful in other spaces, including retail spaces. Essentially, this kind of design focuses on doing more with your corporate office branding. Instead of just including branding elements and calling it a day, environmental design has us consider the overall environment in our office interiors. We want to cultivate a seamless space that makes people feel a specific way. How should they feel? It depends on the context. You might want people in your office interior to feel motivated, supported, included energized, engaged, or something else. An environmental design agency can help you create a space that inspires feeling, and signs and branding have a big role to play.


Environmental Graphics & Sign Chattanooga

What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics are signs or other graphics intended to work with a specific environmental design for a space. Usually, this work is done with an office interior. So, the bathroom signs, door signs, lobby signs, and other graphical elements of the office are intentionally designed to contribute to the overall environment of the space. They work with the lighting, coordinate with the colors and materials of the office, subtly reference the brand and its colors and identity, and overall help create the right environment.

How Environmental Signs Work

Signs are always a key part of office design. When it comes to environmental design, signs need to be created with the rest of the space in mind. When well coordinated, signs can serve a wide range of purposes in your space. The uses of environmental signs include:

  • Explain your brand mission and values to staff and clients.
  • Create a sense of community where everyone’s space is labeled.
  • Improve customer experience by offering clear direction for wayfinding.
  • Enhance feelings, be they calming and soothing or energizing and exciting.
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Environmental Sign and Graphics - Feel Your Passion

Your Options for Environmental Signs

The environmental signs that you choose should reflect what your space needs and what the environment needs. Some types of environmental graphics include:

What is the Cost of Environmental Signs?

Office design companies can choose a wide range of sign types and materials for their design. We can’t really give specifics on cost until we know what you need. That said, we understand the importance of getting your signs at a price you expect and within your budget. We can help you make sign design choices that reflect how much you’re willing to spend. We will also give you straightforward estimates which explain precisely what your signs will cost.

Environmental Graphics and Logo Sign in a lobby

Choose Us for Environmental Graphic Design

Visual Impression Sign Solutions is an environmental graphic design firm in Chattanooga, TN. We can help with any aspect of your signs for your office, from selecting the right types to making sure that they are installed properly.

Reach out to us today to discuss the kind of environment you want to cultivate in your office or other space.