SIGNS FOR Retail Stores

Does your store have outdated signs? Is one of the channel letters always burnt out? selection of retail signs includes something for every size shop.



Hours of Operations

Business hours signs come in many varieties like digital, illuminated, window decals, acrylic, and metal. Choose the style that best fits your shop’s feel. If you have seasonal hours, window decals or digital signs might be best for easy updating. Digital displays are becoming more common along with LED signs because they are easy to read and offer options beyond just showing hours. If you have a small niche shop, a chalkboard sign might work for you. If you have something entirely different in mind, let us know, and we will find the perfect hours sign.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame can be used to provide direction, announce sales or specials, advertise new hours or items, and more. They are made from two durable panels attached at the top with a hinge for easy folding and storage. Choose from an easy-to-update surface like slate or whiteboard. If you have posters or images you want to display, they can be attached with clips or sleeves. If you want a more semi-permanent solution, large windproof signs are an option. They have a large base which can be filled with sand or water.

Channel Letter Signs

For an easy to see, illuminated option for your building signs, channel letters are the way to go. Channel letters are a three-dimensional sign commonly installed on the building itself to act as the main name sign. It is made from individual letter or logo shapes that are covered with an acrylic translucent panel. Under this panel is an LED light that lights up the sign. They come in different light styles, including front-lit, back-lit, or combo. Front-lit is a popular choice, with the light illuminating only through the front of the sign. Reverse-lit, or halo-lit, offers a cool effect as the light shines through the back of the letter and creates a halo look off the building. These styles can be combined to make a combination lit channel letter sign.


A banner can be used for almost anything. They work well as “Grand Opening” signs for huge blowout sales or simply to grab extra attention. They come in perforated, mesh, hanging, standing, canvas, pole, and retractable. The basic canvas and preferred styles have grommets for easy hanging anywhere while hanging pole banners have sleeves to slip them over poles. Standing and retractable are set up using a free-standing frame, making them great for any location.

Wayfinding Signs

Any successful store has signs making it easy for customers to find what they need. These include aisle signs hanging from the ceiling, labels for departments overhead, and arrows to the customer service desk or restrooms. They can also be installed in the parking lot if your store is in a mall or large shopping center, making it easier to find. When a store is easy to navigate, shoppers will spend more when they visit.