As a doctor seeking effective signage that aids patients and protects privacy, finding a sign company that understands medical spaces is key. At Visual Impression Signs, we specialize in crafting customized sign solutions for practices of all types. Whether you are a cardiologist focused on advanced heart care, an oncologist providing compassionate cancer treatment, or a pediatrician caring for the health of children, impactful signage plays a vital role. Dermatologists seek exterior building signs conveying meticulous, transformative care just as plastic surgeons desire lobby branding aligned with upscale sensibilities. From versatile exteriors to helpful interiors, our signs transform medical environments.

We also understand that ophthalmologists require clear informational guidance leading patients to precise testing locations while audiologists prioritize soundproofed areas with proper restricted access signage. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals as well may rely on our discretionary signage demarcating private counseling spaces for protected sessions. So whether you are a specialist focused on targeted care or a general practitioner serving the full spectrum of community health needs, Visual Impression Signs has you covered. Our customized sign solutions help patients navigate spaces, protect privacy, reinforce branding and transform how your practice is experienced.



Building Signs

Make your practice stand out with an exterior building sign displaying your logo and branding. We create dimensional signs tailored to perfectly match your aesthetic, from sleek metal letters to classic wood carved signs. Exterior signs draw attention while communicating professionalism to patients. What impression do you want to make? We’ll collaborate to determine the ideal sign type, size, materials, finishes and lighting to make it happen.

Informational Signs

In a medical setting, informational signs are a necessity for clear navigation. Our signs use high-contrast colors/fonts plus Braille to aid those with disabilities. We include symbols and translations as needed. Clear communication makes care less stressful by helping patients self-navigate. What information would be most helpful to visitors in your practice? Let’s align signage to needs.

Lobby Signs

Make a polished first impression with a lobby sign displaying your branding. We create signs aligned with your aesthetic from backlit box signs to dimensional wall letters. Visible branding makes waiting areas more welcoming while artfully representing your practice’s identity and mission. What lobby sign attributes would best reinforce your brand? Let’s determine the perfect sign solution.

ADA Signs

Compliant and accessible signage is crucial for medical settings. Our ADA signs meet every legal requirement while promoting inclusivity through customized Braille, typography, mounting and more. We ensure users of all abilities smoothly navigate spaces, down to details like slip proofing. What aspects of accessibility matter most for your patients? Let’s align signage to needs.

Employees Only Signs

Privacy is paramount in healthcare. Our customizable yet unambiguous ‘Employees Only’ signs clearly demarcate private areas, keeping patients and visitors out of restricted zones. We’ll ensure notices flawlessly match your aesthetic while using language and positioning employees can’t miss. Where might extra access restrictions support privacy? Let’s strategize placement.

From specialty clinics to general practices, impactful signage plays a vital role in elevating healthcare experiences. Count on Visual Impression Signs for sign solutions tailored to your precise needs. We create polished, professional signage that eases wayfinding, promotes accessibility, protects privacy and powerfully represents your brand. Our versatility allows us to serve cardiologists and obstetricians, orthodontists and family medicine doctors alike.

Whether you operate a bustling urban practice or smaller hometown office, custom signs can help your patients focus on getting better rather than logistics. Bold exteriors draw attention while thoughtful interiors guide gently. Protect employees as well with clear restricted space signage. However you seek to transform your practice, we listen first, then deliver. Call today to explore the potential of impactful signs uniquely suited to how your patients access care.