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Every commercial sign is an opportunity to maximize all of the things that matter to your business, like sales, customer experience, brand identity, and brand loyalty. Communicating is always powerful and sending out your message with a thoughtfully designed sign from us is even more powerful.

As a business sign maker in Chattanooga, we can walk you through your options, perfect your sign design, and make sure it is installed properly. Learn more below.


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Strategic Business Signs

What is a business sign? Essentially every sign that you have on a commercial property is considered a business sign. They all serve important functions, from things as practical as pointing out the exit, to as specialized as helping clients feel safe in your space. There are as many uses of business signs as there are types of them, but here are some ideas of how you can use these signs to get you started:

  • Add branding: This can be as simple as placing your brand name on the building or as complex as using corporate signs to tell the history of your company.
  • Build atmosphere: However you need your customers, clients, or staff to feel: energized and motivated to be safe and private, signs can help you cultivate that atmosphere.
  • Improve sales: Signs create interest and the spark of curiosity that moves people through the sales process.
  • Follow regulations: You need signs to conform to the ADA. You may also need signs to point out safety hazards and make your property a more welcoming place.

There are many other uses for your commercial signs. We can help you discover what you need from your signs.

Your Business Sign Options

Creative sign types help your business stand out. Fortunately, there are plenty of different signs to choose from and many ways to use them. Explore the types of business signs below.

Interior business signs:

  1. Mission statement signs
  2. Lobby signs
  3. Ceiling signs
  4. Bathroom signs
  5. ADA signs
  6. Many more

Exterior business signs:

There are also sign types that function both inside and outside, like electronic signs and LED signs.

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Business Signs Near You in Chattanooga, TN

Are you looking for commercial sign companies near you? Then you should talk to the team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions. We can help your business succeed by designing just the right signs that suit your brand and your purposes.

Get a valuable sign making partner and reach out to us for Chattanooga business signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business signs come in all different forms, but the main purpose of any business sign is to spread awareness of your brand of business. Having a great design-something catchy that people will remember-and having your logo, slogan, phone number, and business name are all important parts of a business sign.

Yes. If you put your name out there, people will come. When anyone sees advertising for a service or product they’re interested in, a light will go off in their head, and it will trigger a response. With the right design, you can make your sign stick. They will remember your business when it is time to purchase the service or product they need.

Any material you can write a message on can be made into a sign. With quality signs that reflect well on your business, some materials to consider are acrylic, vinyl, stone, metal, wood, plastic, and more.

Yes. At Visual Impression Sign Solutions, we are a full-service sign company that is well-equipped to install any sign. For more information on your services, call us at 423-635-7144 or contact us online.

Yes. We have experienced graphic designers on staff who are happy to go over your design options when you set up a consultation.

Any business that is ready to integrate a successful signature solution. Almost every business needs some signs, regardless of what type they are.

There is a wide range when it comes to cost: it all depends on what your needs are. Some signs are very simple to make-like vinyl letters-and some are more labor-intensive, like monument signs. All costs are given upfront when you do a consultation with us

This depends on what sign you need. Some only take a day or two to make, while others—like pylon signs—can take several months.

We need to know the location of your business, your budget, the time frame you need the job done in, and your objective. We handle projects ranging from simple repairs to complete overhauls of a business’s entire signage system. As for files, if there are any specific images you want to use, please give us high-quality image files to work with.

The thing that makes us stand out compared to other companies is our commitment to excellent customer service. We believe in operating with honesty and integrity, and we keep you in the loop the entire time we start a project. We don’t want to do one job for you: we want to be the go-to sign company you know you can always count on.