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Make every single letter of your brand name stand out with channel letter signs. These signs have become the most popular option for storefronts because they look so good, get a ton of attention, and make your brand’s personality and “feel” obvious to your potential customers. But don’t think that these signs are just for retail. Office buildings, manufacturing plants, and even large residential buildings can all use channel letters to great effect too. Discover how you might be able to use these exceptional signs below.


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What is a Channel Letter?

LED channel letter signs are 3-dimensional signs with lights built in. Each letter is constructed separately, usually out of metal, and then given a colorful face, usually made of acrylic. We can replicate the look of your brand’s text and its color exactly with channel letters. There is lighting embedded inside of these letters, but there are other options for lighting them (which we mention below.)

Storefront channel letters are the most common, but they are not your only option. You might choose to have a large channel letter sign to promote tourism and for people to take pictures in front of. You might also put channel letters inside of your building to add branding or label different areas of your space.

Channel Letter Sign Design Options

Channel letters should be custom signs that perfectly reflect your brand. We can help you with an exceptional design. Among your design choices is lighting. We define types of channel letters by the type of lighting they have. Options include:

  • Front-lit channel letters: These are the typical choices for channel letters, with the lighting inside of the letters and shining out that front acrylic to give it color.
  • Halo lit channel letters: These are also known as reverse channel letters. The LEDs are placed outside of the letters to shine back on them, which allows the letters to cast a shadow and look like they have a “halo.”
  • Combination: These are specialty signs that might combine one or more types of lighting.
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Custom Channel Letter Sign Strategy

What do you want your channel letter sign to accomplish for you? Instead of looking at this sign as a necessity, look at it as a potential marketing asset, and that will help you be more thoughtful about its design and help it do more for you. Here are some of the uses of channel letter signs that you should consider before you start the design process:

  • Foot traffic: These large signs should encourage people to step into your store or your office.
  • Branding: Custom channel letters should reflect your brand identity in all of its complexity.
  • Tourism: Channel letter signs can make your location or event venue feel more like a destination.
  • Wayfinding: Channel letter signs can make it clear where your entrance is and how people can get into your building.

What is the Cost of Channel Letters?

Channel letters are large signs with multiple materials and interesting lighting layouts. They are costly to design, make and install. That said, you may be surprised about how affordable a channel letter sign can be. Our team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions can help you get a custom channel letter sign that is within your budget and makes your brand look great.

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Channel Letters Near You in Chattanooga

Visual Impression Sign Solutions is your channel letter sign manufacturer in Chattanooga, TN. We care about the quality of your sign and its installation.

Reach out to us to talk about whether LED channel letters are the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom signs are any type of sign that is not a standard, off-the-shelf product. Custom signs are made to order, and can be designed to meet specific size, shape, color, and messaging requirements.

The term “letters” is a little deceiving, as any shape can be fabricated for a channel sign, and colors, fonts, and symbols can be incorporated into the design. LEDs may be used to illuminate the logo if desired.

The sides of channel sign letters or shapes are usually aluminum. The face and back may also be aluminum or acrylic if lighting is desired. A trim cap (anodized aluminum or molded plastic) may be used to attach the face to the body. The internal illumination is almost always LED.

Yes, we can provide front-lit channel letters, halo-lit, or a combination of lighting styles.

This depends on the materials used and the size of the letters, but as a very rough guide, 30” letters will average around 30lbs each. Once the dimensions and construction details are decided, we can provide a more accurate figure.

Mounting options include:

  • Raceway mount: A raceway mount is a rectangular metal box that runs the length of the sign and houses the wiring. It is often colored to blend in with the building. This mount reduces the number of holes required in the building wall.
  • Backer mount: A backer mount is similar to a raceway mount, except the channel letters are mounted onto a metal cabinet containing the wiring. It acts like a frame and can be made in custom colors.
  • Direct mount: With direct mounts, individual letters are attached to the face of the building and require several holes each. This design can look very effective but requires more marking of the building’s surface.

The LEDs that illuminate a channel sign should last 10-15 years, based on 10-12 hours per day of use. The acrylic faces can be expected to last between 8-10 years before they begin to fade or crack. Power supplies may require attention after a few years.

The time taken to create and deliver your custom channel sign will depend on the complexity of the design, the materials used, and our current workload. We need to know these details before we can give an accurate estimate, so feel free to reach out by phone or through our ‘Request a Quote’ website form.

Channel letter signs can be costly, as they are large, use multiple materials, and require more design, manufacture, and installation work than other signs. Yet, due to the improvement in brand identification they offer, they can provide good value for money. We are happy to work with you to make a channel letter sign that will fit your budget.

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