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What happens when you need to place a sign where there isn’t a wall? Ceiling signs are an effective answer. Thoughtful custom designs can make ceiling signs your most informative or your most beautiful signs. You can use them for wayfinding, brand promotion, increasing foot traffic, and much more. Visual Impression Sign Solutions is always excited to help you get the best sign type for you, with the best design too. Find out what outdoor or indoor hanging ceiling signs can do for you.


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What Are Ceiling Signs?

Ceiling signs are signs that hang from the ceiling, or sometimes an awning. When made of vinyl, ceiling signs may be flat against the ceiling. That’s a niche option, but an important one in situations where people might be looking at the ceiling, like in dental offices. Most ceiling signs hang down and are meant to be viewed by people who are walking by.

Your Ceiling Sign Options

There are many different types of ceiling signs each of which is best suited for a different environment. Here are your options:

  • Drop ceiling signs: The lowest cost option, drop ceiling signs, slot into ceiling panels without needing anything else to keep them secure. Drop ceiling signs can help you meet OSHA and other regulatory needs for signs.
  • Vinyl ceiling signs: Vinyl is a thin but durable material that can be applied to different flat surfaces, including ceilings.
  • Metal, wood, or plastic ceiling signs: These heavier materials are all excellent options for ceiling signs which announce your branding.
  • Wayfinding ceiling signs: Many facilities need wayfinding signs hanging in the hallways from the ceilings to direct people where they need to go.
  • Banners: Vinyl banners can be hung from ceilings as well as from walls.

Are you not seeing the kind of ceiling sign you’d like? We offer completely custom signs and can make you the kind of sign you’re looking for.

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How to Use Ceiling Signs

There are many different uses of ceiling signs. Indoor hanging ceiling signs are most often used for wayfinding in complex or confusing buildings. When in the hall, the hanging sign can point out each door or additional path and what people might expect behind them. Outdoor ceiling signs that hang from awnings are more often used for branding the building or promoting certain products or services.

What is the Cost of Ceiling Signs

Ceiling signs range in price depending on their size and materials. Those who are concerned about cost might choose drop ceiling signs. Those who want their sign to be a great representation of their brand and appeal to and engage their clients might choose more expensive materials and signage. We can help you keep your sign within your budget while also getting the results that you need.
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Get Quality Ceiling Hanging Signs in Chattanooga

Sometimes unusual sign needs call for unusual hanging options. We can hang all kinds of signs from your ceiling.

Reach out to us today for well-designed ceiling signs and hanging wayfinding signs in Chattanooga.