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No one likes to visit the ER, but it is often necessary when something does feel right, or an accident occurs. But when the time comes, you need to find the emergency room quickly. A lack of clear entrance signs can lead to confusion in sometimes life-threatening situations.

Designs and Types of Emergency Room Signs

The best type of sign depends on the location and size of your ER entrance. Here are the signs you can choose from:

  • Channel letters are 3D self-contained illuminated signs made of individual letters, numbers, or symbols. They are made from a translucent front panel that covers a lighting element and is affixed to a return (side) of the letter. They can be lit in a few ways including, including front, reverse, and combo lit.
  • Lightbox signs are illuminated internally with an LED light housed in an aluminum “box.” The light is covered by an acrylic panel that has text and images printed on it and affixed to the box.
  • Monument signs are large freestanding signs made from heavy-duty materials like brick and stone. They work well when installed at the entrance to the ER from the road. They can have directions to the ER as well as the hospital name and other information.
  • Pylon signs are tall lightbox signs mounted on a pole and are designed to be seen from far away. They are good for large hospital complexes or ones along busy roads and highways.

ADA Complaint Emergency Room Signs

Just like the rest of the hospital signs, the entrance signs must be approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We can help make sure your sign complies with these standards.

  • Text Size, Contrast, and Font: The text on any ADA sign must be readable from a distance. This depends on the size of the sign and where it is installed. Also, the text must contrast well against the background of the sign. For example, choose a lightbox sign with a bright internal LED light behind a translucent acrylic panel with clearly printed dark text in a sans-serif font.
  • Tactile Characters and Braille: For signs at eye level like next to the main doors, tactile characters and Braille must be present. “Emergency Room Entrance” can be printed on the sign with the Braille translation underneath.
  • Installation Location: The sign must be installed 48 to 60 inches from the floor so that it is accessible to those who might be in wheelchairs.

These are just a few of the ADA requirements. The pros at Visual Impression Signs can help with the rest of the details.

Do You Need Emergency Room Signs?

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