Cleveland, TN – Sign Company Discusses Types of Custom Dimensional Letter Signs


When people pass your business, the signage makes an instant first impression. At Visual Impression Signs, we create signs that make your Cleveland brand stand out. Dimensional letter signs grab attention with their depth and shadows. Passersby remember these exciting 3D letters long after driving by.

What are Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters leap off the sign’s surface with depth and drama. Expertly crafted from quality materials like metal or acrylic, each letter stretches out toward readers. The dimensional aspect casts shadows and creates eye-catching appeal. Companies use these signs to elevate brand recognition.

Benefits of Dimensional Signs

Custom dimensional letter signs offer many advantages that flat, boring signs lack. Their depth and shadows command attention, helping imprint your brand in people’s minds. Carefully constructed from durable materials, these signs also withstand weather and last for years. And their versatility means finishes and styles for every brand aesthetic and budget.

Material and Design Choices

Many options exist when selecting your dimensional letters. Custom metal letters present a timeless, sophisticated look that suits most companies. Vibrant acrylic letters in your brand’s signature colors incorporate well with logos. Expert designers at Visual Impression Signs also consider critical factors like visibility and lighting based on your location. We collaborate to create the perfect sign for your brand.

Installation and Ongoing Service

Successfully installing your dimensional letters takes skill and care. Our team securely mounts your sign for maximum visibility to make that vital first impression. While dimensional lettering needs little maintenance due to durability, Visual Impression Signs always provides prompt service when required. Your sign represents our quality craftsmanship, so we make sure it stays in premier condition.

Creative Design Choices

Dimensional letters offer creative freedom flat signage lacks. Expert designers at Visual Impression Signs help clients explore inventive options. Mix multiple shapes like circles, curves, and jagged edges for visual excitement. Overlay colors, textures, and finishes like metallic for extra allure. And position letters stacking forward, descending, or floating with innovative mounting. Feel free to think outside the box with dimensional letters that ignite imagination! Our broad expertise in creating eye-popping signage.

Advanced Illumination

Beyond depth and shadows, advanced lighting takes dimensional signs to the next level. Backlighting letters with LEDs make them glow, increasing nighttime presence. LEDs come in all colors to complement your brand palette. Our lighting designers determine optimal luminosity and effects to transform your dimensional letters into a showstopper.

The Power of Quality Signs

In Cleveland and beyond, Visual Impression Signs’ dimensional letters enhance branding with quality aesthetics reflecting thriving businesses. Our loyalty to superb craftsmanship and sincere focus on each client’s success keeps us an industry expert. Don’t settle for flat, boring signage. Call Visual Impression Signs today – we serve the community of Cleveland, TN to craft custom dimensional letters that market your business!

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