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When someone is searching for a bathroom, a well-placed bathroom sign is a blessing. But whether you own a retail property, an office, or some other facility, bathroom signs are not just a matter of practicality. The quality, beauty, and clarity of your bathroom sign affect your customer’s experience on your property and their perception of your brand. Plus, many bathroom signs need to be ADA compliant, and it’s wise to get professional help to ensure you’re in line with regulations. If you have questions and you’re searching for bathroom signs near you, keep reading.


Bathroom Sign Options

What is a bathroom sign? Any sign that labels a bathroom is considered a bathroom sign. You may have bathrooms that are single-stall and just for staff. Or, you may have a massive bathroom like that in an airport or train station. Either way, bathroom signs need to communicate the essential information of what kind of bathroom lies beyond the door.

There are different types of bathroom signs, including:

  • ADA restroom signs: Not all bathroom signs need to be ADA compliant, but those that do need to include braille and need to have high visual contrast. You also need to place them at a certain height and in a certain spot. We can help you find the right spot.
  • Unisex bathroom signs: Also known as all-gender bathroom signs, these signs need to communicate that everyone is welcome in this space.
  • Your bathroom signs might need to communicate other information too. If you have family restrooms, combination changeroom bathrooms, and restrooms with special features in spas or hotels, then you need a sign that communicates this unique space. We can help you design a sign that will make it clear to anyone who uses your bathrooms.

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Why Focus on Bathroom Sign Design?

Bathroom signs are essential and practical, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about their beauty and clarity. There are multiple uses for bathroom signs, including:

  • Improve the look of your overall space
  • Work with the other interior design elements of the space
  • Subtly promote your brand and reflect its quality
  • Make everyone feel welcome in your space
  • Help people find their way to the bathroom in the first place

When to Choose Personality for Your Bathroom Sign

No doubt you’ve seen some fun bathroom signs that instead of labeling gender clearly, use fun metaphors like color or different animals, usually in line with the theme of the brand in the building itself. These signs are a great addition, but they are not always in line with ADA standards. We can help you get creative signs and know whether you can use them and stay compliant.

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The Cost of Bathroom Signs

There are many material choices for bathroom signs and that, combined with the size of the sign, usually dictate the price of the sign. It is rare to have lighting or other more expensive features on these kinds of signs. However, you may want to include them in some circumstances. The team at Visual Impression Sign Solutions can help you understand what a bathroom sign is likely to run you, and help you make great choices to keep the price low but also get a sign that you’re happy with. That’s true even for packages of multiple signs, so talk to us about getting an office bathroom sign estimate today.

Your Bathroom Sign Makers in Chattanooga

We can design and manufacture all kinds of restroom signs for any client in Chattanooga, from those who have manufacturing facilities, to major offices, to large retail locations. Talk to us today to discuss what you need in a bathroom sign and get an estimate.

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