Vehicle Wrap & Graphics Process: A Complete Guide


When you entrust Visual Impression Sign Solutions with creating and installing your vehicle graphic advertising, we follow the same proven workflow we employ for all our sign work to maintain a consistently high standard. Here’s how it works from the moment we receive your inquiry.


This is where we get to know you and understand what you’d like to convey with your vehicle graphics. We’ll need to collect some details from you, like the type of vehicle and sign you want, the sign’s placement on your vehicle, your budget, and the required timeframe. Once we have agreed on the basic requirements, we begin the project management process, which spans all phases of the work, to ensure everything happens smoothly.

Custom Design

Detailed and accurate measurements are essential to ensure the wrap fits the vehicle perfectly. Once these are obtained, the graphic designer will create the necessary files, working with colors and design elements to present your brand image and the information you want to convey as you envision. They may make some suggestions concerning the formatting of graphic and textual elements (e.g., phone numbers and web or email addresses) to ensure the text fits and is readable.

Expert Fabrication

Once the design is finished and you are totally happy with it, we print the work using latex ink in our large-format, high-definition printers onto premium-quality adhesive-backed film. The printed film is laminated with your choice of a matte, satin, or gloss coating to seal and protect the print and prevent UV fading, and then it’s cut as required.

Efficient Installation

The first step of the installation process is to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the vehicle to which the wrap will be applied to remove any traces of dirt, dust, debris, wax, and other chemical contaminants. This is to ensure maximum adhesion and avoid any irregularities in the surface.

The vinyl is then carefully and methodically applied, using a heat gun throughout the process to ensure a snug fit and to help the material bond to the underlying surface. A squeegee and other specialized tools are used to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. The job is finished by trimming any excess around the edges.

Maintenance and Repair

Properly applied vinyl car and truck wraps are very low-maintenance. All they require is regular washing with gentle soap (avoid automatic car washes that use brushes), and they should last many years. If a mishap causes damage to the artwork, please ask our team about repairing it for you.

Fitting signs to your car, truck, bus, or other vehicle can pay for itself many times over in increased business. Still, it can be expensive if not done correctly using suitable materials. If you’ve been wondering, “where can I get a quality car wrap near me,” and you live in or around Chattanooga, get in touch with us at Visual Impression Sign Solutions today. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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