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Your audience drives and walks by your lawn—or someone’s lawn, every day. So, why not put your signs there? Lawn signs are an effective way to catch the right kind of attention in many industries, including real estate, politics, and contracting or home services. These signs are also called bandit signs. Custom signs for your yard or your customer’s yard can help your business make an impression where it matters most. If you’re looking for “yard signs near me,” read on to discover what they can accomplish for you.


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Your Yard Sign Options

You might see corrugated plastic yard signs on lawns throughout Chattanooga. Even though they all look similar, there are actually different types of yard signs that you should be familiar with:

  • H-frame: These signs have a metal “H” shape support. The bottom of the two legs goes into the ground, while the rest of the frame supports the sign.
  • I-frame: This is a more supportive sign type, with an extra bar on the top that holds the sign material in place more firmly.

Why Use a Yard Sign?

Yard signs are highly affordable options, which means you can order a lot of signs and spread them out to make a strong impact on your target audience. These signs are completely customizable and stand up to the elements well, making them a durable purchase and a valuable tool for any kind of marketing campaign. You can use yard signs to achieve these goals, among others:

  • Increase social proof: Putting your sign up on someone’s lawn communicates to their neighbors that they chose you. Social proof is important and can help motivate even more people to choose your services.
  • Develop brand presence: Do the people in your service area know about you? Make sure they do with a lawn sign campaign.
  • Market specific products and services: Locate your signs near where people will need your service or your product whether that is specific neighborhoods or areas of town.
  • Strengthen brand recall: Make sure that people will have you at the top of their minds when they need to call for your services. Yard signs help you beat the competition.

The uses for yard signs don’t end there. They can fulfill many other needs, which is why they are used so widely. Some businesses do tend to favor them. Business yard signs are a typical choice for these kinds of companies and organizations:

  • Plumbers, roofers, HVAC, and other contractors
  • Real estate agents, developers, and construction companies
  • Political parties, candidates, and not-for-profits
  • Restaurants, retail, and other organizations

What is the Cost of Yard Signs?

One of the great advantages of these kinds of signs is that they are affordable. The cost of these signs does range based on some of your design choices, including the material for the sign, the type of support, the finish on the material, the size of the sign, and more. We can help you make the right design decisions to get as many yard signs as you need within your budget. And we give clear, honest estimates before you commit to the printing process.
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