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Natural light, a view, and even a breeze can all make your space better. However, windows can also let in too much heat, create glare on screens, and make clients and staff feel exposed when they should feel comfortable. Chattanooga window tinting, or the application of window film, can fix these issues and make your space better. Whether you run an office, a retail store, a warehouse, or a small business out of your own home, if you’re searching for “window film near me,” you have found the right company to help you.



Types of Window Film

There are several different types of window film, each of which offers its own advantages to your space. These types include:

  • Frosted window film: Frosted window films remain partly transparent, allowing in light and sometimes some visual cues as to what is behind them. However, they obscure details, which increases privacy.
  • Decorative window film: These feature designs, from simple geometric patterns to complex designs that promote your business. They are meant to add beauty but may also serve as a marketing asset.
  • Shatter protection: These high-end window films can increase the strength of your windows, allowing you to deter theft or vandalism.
  • UV reducing film: Cut down on the sunlight that comes through your windows, and you can save on your energy bill and also reduce glare on monitors and screens. UV reducing film can do both.

Why Use Window Film?

Window glass film can function in several important ways for your business. It is a cost-effective way to do any of the following:

  • Save energy: In summer, light coming through your windows can substantially increase the heat in your space. You can save money on air conditioning if you add a window film that blocks UV rays. Light will still come through.
  • Better your work environment: From glare to heat and distractions outside, windows can be less than ideal for the workplace. Reduce the disadvantages and keep everything good about your windows with film.
  • Increase privacy: There are some areas where privacy is paramount. Health care and legal settings especially can use window film to make their clients feel more comfortable and less exposed in their space. This is sometimes essential to even get people in the door.
  • Add beauty: Decorative window film is capable of making a plain space exceptional and adding different atmospheres and styles to your space. Take a look online or talk to us about what we can accomplish.
Frosted Window Film

Who Can Use Window Film?

While you might be most familiar with window film for an office, many different businesses can use window film to great advantage, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals and healthcare settings
  • Schools including universities
  • Courts and other public buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Other industrial settings
  • Many more

What’s the Cost of Window Film?

Commercial window tinting varies in price depending mainly on the type of film and the size of the window that is to be tinted. We can walk you through your film options and what each would cost for a window of your size. If you find it is over your budget, we can recommend smart ways to cut costs and still have the window film perform as you need it to. Reach out to us with your ideas and your budget today.

Privacy Window Film Tinting

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We are your window tinting experts in Chattanooga, TN. We can answer any of your questions about window film and advise you as to which type will work best considering your specific concerns.

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