Does your school have outdated signs? Are you missing some signs? Are some of them cracked, broken, or missing bulbs? You have come to the right place. We craft and install custom school signs, from banners to parking and wayfinding signs and more.

Here are some of the signs we make for schools and how they will benefit your establishment.




Banners are a great all-around sign which is perfect for promoting events, celebrating achievements, or welcoming new and returning students. We craft custom banners in any size or material, including mesh, perforated, hanging, and more.

Consider getting one for decorating during homecoming, announcing registration class dates, or highlighting the school’s achievements. One of the best features of banners is they are easy to install and replace, making them a cost-effective and flexible solution for temporary or seasonal messaging.

Wayfinding Signs

Our wayfinding signs are made to provide clear, concise directions to various departments and offices. Some of these include libraries, administrative offices, and student centers. We design these to be easy to read and find while adding your school colors and logos to keep your brand in full view.

Some common uses are directional arrows, maps, and department listing posts. No matter which ones you need, our wayfinding solutions reduce confusion, improve traffic flow, and enhance the overall campus experience.

Monument Signs

Monument signs can make a grand and prestigious entrance for your school. They are best at the main entrance with the school’s name and logo. These signs are heavy-duty and built to last, made from materials like brick, stone, or high-grade metals that complement the architectural style of your school. They can be integrated with digital screens and LED lights for ultimate customization. We design each monument sign based on how your requirements, your institution’s ethos and more.

Parking Signs

Well-organized parking makes life easier for teachers and staff alike, but it is also a safety requirement. We make custom parking signs to help manage vehicle traffic and designate specific areas for buses, staff, students, and visitors. All our signs are easy to read with high-contact and clear fonts. Some of the signs we can craft include speed limit signs, directional signs, and accessible parking.

Entrance Signs

Entrance signs can provide a welcoming atmosphere right at the first point of contact with the school. These signs not only identify your institution but also set the tone for visitors and the school community. Our custom entrance signs can be informative while incorporating your school’s logo, colors, and typography. We can make a simple sign bearing the school’s name or a more elaborate digital display announcing upcoming events. No matter which you choose, we ensure that your entrance signs reflect the spirit and values of your educational environment.

If any or all of these signs are missing from your school, please reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you upgrade your school’s signs and make the environment perfect for learning.