Hixson, TN – Sign Company Discusses Types of Custom Metal Signs we Install


At Visual Impression Signs, we know great custom signage solutions start with exceptional materials built to last. For commercial spaces in Hixson seeking sleek, attention-grabbing metal signs that stand up to high traffic needs, we offer tailored aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and iron signage.

Beyond unmatched durability, the visual strengths and styles achievable with metal signs empower businesses to get their messages seen. The material heft lends an upscale, polished effect while enabling creative uses of color, dimension, and lighting.

Let’s explore some of Hixson’s most popular metal signage possibilities and their unique perks accessible through customization.

Value-Driven Aluminum Commercial Signage

Aluminum is beloved for exterior business signs thanks to its corrosion resistance, strength, lightweight versatitily and cost-effectiveness. As the most abundant metal worldwide, custom aluminum sign costs also stay affordable. We leverage aluminum’s moldability to craft signs precisely contoured to space and visibility needs.

For outdoor use, we finish aluminum to guard against weathering and UV rays. Bold custom colors and sleek mill finishes like brushed silver communicate sophistication. Aluminum also plays nicely with lighting, enabling halo-lit channel letters, for example. Indoors, it adds modern minimalism to wayfinding signage and wall art graphics.

Rugged Galvanized Steel Signage

Where high impact resistance is essential, galvanized steel raises durability to the max. The zinc coating provides exceptional defense against corrosion from exposure. Visually, galvanized steel flaunts an eye-catching matte pewter finish.

Galvanized steel signs bring rugged personality indoors and out while still enabling desired shapes from sign panels to dimensional letters. For triangular building ID signs able to withstand abuse, galvanized steel adds protective style. We also leverage it for warehouse safety signage and vandal-deterring site markers.

Sleek Custom Stainless Steel Design

The undisputed long-lasting luster of stainless steel endows signage with modern distinction. The alloy wards off tarnish, dings and corrosion despite heavy handling and weathering. Refined, famous brands leverage stainless steel’s upmarket identity for everything from interior retail graphics to illuminated storefront logos.

Beyond true resilience, stainless steel sign costs avoid the steep premiums of solid steel and iron while still appearing high-end. It also wonderfully complements glass and stone. For Hixson spaces craving a polished metal look on a tighter budget, choosing brushed 304 stainless steel sign panels or dimensional logos delivers.

Timeless Custom Iron Signage

For that coveted old-world, wrought iron aesthetic, custom cut or cast iron delivers classic beauty and brawn. Hand forged iron sign panels and letters speak of heritage and tradition, instantly setting establishments apart with nostalgic personality. We adore incorporating custom motifs to share origin stories.

Beyond quaint namesake plaques for corner pubs, iron’s structural integrity excels at branding outdoor retail spaces. Backlit glass display panels framed by intricate ironwork make products pop. Iron sign costs fall more mid-range, making it accessible for delivering rustic ambiance that feels generations established the moment it goes up. With proper maintenance, the material easily crosses decades in style.

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The takeaway? Metal emphatically takes commercial signage beyond transient to permanent. Matching exceptional durability with coveted styles, the material options let custom metal signs communicate gravitas for decades rather than years. Our metal sign company serves businesses across Hixson that want to get noticed and stay seen with exceptional materials. Let’s craft signage that showcases your dedication to quality.

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