Design Considerations for a Food Truck Wrap in Chattanooga


The food truck industry is growing. People love to see them at festivals, in the streets, outside live venues, etc. It is a way to express yourself through the food you create without committing to the high cost of renting and operating a restaurant. If you love expressing yourself through your food creations, you are going to love expressing your creative side with a food truck wrap.

Visual Impression Sign Solutions is your one-stop shop in Chattanooga, TN, that can provide you with high-quality custom food truck wraps and any other signage your business needs.

What Makes an Eye-Catching Food Truck Wrap

● Make Your Food Look Mouth Watering

Let’s be honest, no matter how good your food truck wrap is, it will not matter unless you sell delicious food that people rave about. Make sure that when you present graphics of your food on your truck you make them look irresistible. The visual appeal of food is a lot more important than some people think, and if your food looks visually appealing, your customers are more likely to be influenced by the presentation and rate it higher.

● Use Bright Warm Colors

If you can create an inviting atmosphere with your food truck wrap, you can get people to come and try your product. Eating should be an enjoyable experience, and it should be complimented with the perfect drink and the perfect, fun atmosphere. People are passionate about trying new food; providing a great atmosphere can aid in that experience. If you have a custom food truck wrap that enhances the experience, people will remember and are sure to return for seconds.

● Try Adding a Mascot

Having a graphic of a mascot on your truck is excellent for attracting children and their parents alike. Try something cute and creative: something that makes your product seem like more than just food. Make it a fun experience. Most fast-food chains and big marketing companies know the power of having a mascot, but you don’t have to be a billion-dollar cooperation to enjoy the benefits of a mascot: you can create one for your business.

● Let People Know your Specials and Hottest Sellers

It has been proven that if something is labeled as a hot seller, people will try it because it has a level of social proof. You can also capitalize on the scarcity principle by offering limited-time specials. Make sure you advertise them in big, bold letters that people can see from a distance before they see any other food truck.

Visual Impression Sign Solutions: Chattanooga’s Top Choice for Signage Solutions!

If you are in the market for a food truck wrap or want to discuss any potential ideas you have and need information on pricing, give us a call us. You can reach us at (423) 635-7144 or message us online to set up a consultation where everything will be discussed in detail. The custom food truck wrap your business deserves is our pleasure to create!


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