Dalton, GA – Sign Company Discusses the Types of Custom Lobby / Reception Signs


The lobby or reception area is often the first part of a business that customers encounter upon visiting. While interior design elements like furniture and decor should make the space feel inviting and comfortable, a custom lobby sign is crucial for making the right visual branding impact as soon as guests walk through the door. An impressive lobby sign will convey professionalism and quality right from the start.


With the incredibly wide variety of lobby sign options available in today’s sign industry, deciding on the optimal style and design for your brand can understandably feel overwhelming. Factors like sign materials, lighting, dimensions, graphics, colors, placement and more allow for seemingly endless combinations. This is where the experienced signage consultants at Visual Impression Signs can provide much needed guidance.


Visual Impression Signs prides itself on helping Dalton business owners thoughtfully select lobby signs that perfectly align with their specific brand identity and business type. The team works closely with each client to gain an intimate understanding of their branding vision, aesthetic tastes, visibility needs, budget parameters and other unique considerations. With this insight, the designers are able to optimize both visibility and aesthetics for the space through careful, strategic selection of sign dimensions, materials, lighting, placement, graphics, and other factors that will ultimately affect the final look, quality and cost.

To significantly simplify the decision process for Dalton businesses seeking lobby signs, here is an informative overview of some of the most popular and impactful lobby and reception signage options that companies should strongly consider:

Dimensional Lettering Signs
These eye-catching signs feature individual 3D letters and logos mounted directly on the wall. The letters have depth, protruding outward from the wall to grab attention. This dimensional style throws interesting shadows and shapes. Popular materials for dimensional lobby signs include:

– Wood or faux wood for an organic, natural look
– Acrylic which is lightweight yet durable and illuminates well
– Metal and steel for a modern, contemporary vibe

Lightboxes incorporate illuminated graphics or text behind a translucent face material. Using efficient LEDs creates an eye-catching glow. Lightboxes come in recessed or surface-mounted styles. They make messaging and branding clearly visible from a distance.

Channel Letter Signs
With channel lettering, each letter and logo component has an open or solid metal back fitted with internal LED lighting. Channel letters mount directly on the wall and work well in lobbies with high ceilings. Vibrant colors and lights help them stand out.

Flat Vinyl Graphics 
For businesses on tight budgets, flat vinyl graphics and wall decals keep reception signage affordable. Though not dimensional, vinyl allows for colorful branded graphics. Signs can be easily swapped out as branding evolves.

Digital Displays
Digital lobby signs utilize LCD or LED screens to display animated messaging and graphics. Content can change in real-time and be updated remotely via Wi-Fi. Digital displays enable easy integration with other platforms.

Multi-dimensional Designs
A creative approach is combining various elements—molded logos, sleek letters, graphic panels, and LEDs—for a modern multi-dimensional effect. This fuses artwork, branding, visibility, depth, and wow-factor into one impressive custom sign.

When selecting lobby signage, Visual Impression Signs considers budget, brand impression, visibility needs, and ease of updates. The experienced team ensures new reception area signs make a lasting impact on visitors.

Contact Visual Impression Signs at (423) 635-7144 or [email protected] for a complimentary quote on impactful, customized lobby signs for your Dalton business!

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