Dalton, GA – Discussing the Custom Channel Letter Sign Installation Process


Channel letter signs add bold, eye-catching dimension to any Dalton building. The illuminated boxes combined with intricately cut side walls allow light to shine through the front plastic face, creating vibrant logos, names and imagery that really stand out, day or night.

But channel letter signs have some unique installation requirements compared to simpler flat vinyl or digital print signs. Maximizing their visual impact and longevity starts with proper mounting.

In this article, our professional Dalton, GA sign company Visual Impression Signs will walk you through key considerations we take into account when installing custom channel letter signs. Follow along to gain insight into the specifics of safely and effectively mounting these specialized signs.

Overview of Channel Letter Construction

Before diving into installation, let’s quickly review what channel letter signs are made of. These lighted signs consist of:

– Metal rear housing – usually aluminum

– Metal side “returns” outlining the shape of letters

– Acrylic plastic letter faces

– Internal neon lighting & wiring

– Mounting brackets & hardware

Our expert Dalton sign fabricators assemble all these components into dimensional letter forms in our production facility. We then take the finished channel letters onsite for professional mounting tailored to your unique sign design and building architecture.

Mounting Options for Channel Letter Signs

The first big decision when installing channel letters is choosing the optimal mounting method. The three main options our Dalton sign installers use are:

Raceway Mount

Many businesses opt for a raceway mounting system. A metal raceway box houses all wiring and runs horizontally along the installation area. The raceway is typically painted to match or complement the building exterior.

The channel letter fixtures themselves are then mounted to the raceway. This cleverly conceals wiring in a sleek, integrated manner. It also minimizes the number of drill holes and mounting points required on the facade.

Raceway mounts work especially well for long sign lengths spanning large sections of wall. We’re able to access any portion of the sign by removing letter faces as needed.

Backer Mount

Backer mounts take a similar approach to raceways but are even more streamlined. Here, the channel letter housings are mounted to a metal cabinet behind the entire sign that contains all electrical components.

These surrounding cabinets create a nice finished, framed appearance around the letters. The cabinet can also be powder coated in any custom color you like to coordinate with your building exterior or channel letter colors.

Backer mounts are ideal for shorter signs like business logos with just a few letters and symbols. And they provide easy rear access to wiring and lights.

Direct Mount

Finally, the most minimalist mounting option is a direct installation. With direct mounting, each channel letter fixture is attached right to the wall surface individually. This requires drilling a hole into the facade for every mounting bracket.

The benefit of direct mounting is that it creates very clean sight lines and spacing between letters without racedways or backer cabinets. But accessing electrical components is trickier. Direct mounting also results in the most drill holes in your facade.

Our Sign Experts Will Determine the Best Mounting Method

There are pros and cons to each mounting technique for channel letter signs. The optimal method for your specific sign will depend on length, letter sizes, wall construction, access needs and more.

The great news is you don’t need to worry about making the perfect choice. Our professional Dalton sign installation team will evaluate all these factors. We’ll then make an expert recommendation on which mounting method makes the most sense for flawless installation and longevity.

Fabricating Sturdy Mounting Solutions

Our designers and metal fabricators will engineer mounting solutions purpose-built for your customized channel letters and selected mounting technique. This starts with choosing the right gauge (thickness) of aluminum for housing, returns and mounting brackets to properly support the sign weight.

We also consider the best attachment method such as lag bolts for brick facades or self-tapping screws for lighter materials. Size, position and spacing of fasteners is calculated to keep the sign super secure while minimizing damage to your property.

The end result is mounting solutions tailored to your sign design, building construction, and local weather conditions (like wind and rain). Your channel letters will have the strength and stability for secure long-term installation.

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