Chattanooga, TN – Sign Company Offers Custom A-Frame Signs for Hair Salons


A-frame signs, AKA sandwich boards, are a great sign option. Many salons use them for added attention to attract people passing by on sidewalks, but they are versatile enough to work anywhere.

They have hinges at the top to make the support structure. This makes them easy to carry and foldable. Here is some more information on A-frame signs and why salons should invest in them.

Types of Custom A-Frame Signs for Hair Salons

  • Double-Sided A-Frame Signs: These are the most commonly seen style and are made from durable plastic. They have panels that can be changed with posters whenever needed.
  • Chalkboard and Whiteboard A-Frame Signs: Best for a rustic look and quick changes. They are great for perfect for salons that frequently update promotions or have daily specials.
  • Wind-Resistant A-Frame Signs: Designed with heavier bases that can be filled with sand or water or spring-loaded frames to withstand windy conditions, these versions are not quite as postable but get the job done. They have the same easy-to-change panel, just with the added stability.
  • Aluminum Frame A-Frame Signs: Lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant. They also have replaceable panels like their plastic counterparts.
  • Custom Wood A-Frame Signs: For a rustic and completely custom A-frame sign, wood gives a vintage aesthetic. They can be made from many types of wood for a truly unique sign. While they are not changeable, these can be more appealing to customers looking for a boutique or personalized hair care experience.

Benefits and Practical Uses of A-Frame Signs for Hair Salons

  • High Visibility: Make it easy for pedestrians and drivers to spot your salon. Put a double-sided A-frame sign near the entrance of your salon along the sidewalk.
  • Flexibility: Messages can be quickly updated, especially with white and chalkboard signs. Use a sign to display a special discount, add beauty tips, or mention a daily promo.
  • Durability: These signs are built to take a beating, especially in rough weather. For extra stability, try a wind-resistant sign to make sure it does not get blown away on windy days.
  • Portability and Ease of Storage: A-frame signs are easy to move and store after business hours or during bad weather. Simply fold your A-frame sign flat and store it away until tomorrow or the storm has passed.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to permanent signs or ongoing advertising campaigns, A-frame signs require a one-time investment. Instead of spending monthly on ads, invest in a stylish, custom wood A-frame sign that matches the salon’s boutique feel.

Elevate Your Salon’s Street Presence

Contact Visual Impression Signs in Chattanooga, TN, today to learn more about the options your salon has for A-frame and other types of signs.

Visit our website or call us at (423) 635-7144 to start designing a sign that captures the essence of your salon and draws in more customers.

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