Chattanooga, TN – Discussing the Custom Lobby Sign Process from a Sign Company


As visitors arrive at your entrance, does your lobby signage instantly convey your unique brand essence? Crafting custom lobby signs that capture attention and identity from the first glance is our goal. As Chattanooga’s premier sign partner, Visual Impression Signs breaks down the most frequently asked questions surrounding our strategic design, fabrication and installation process to create signature centerpieces tailored to your brand.

Q: Why Invest in a Custom Lobby Sign?

A custom lobby sign serves as an invaluable first impression upon entry, reflecting your brand’s personality and values visually. Strategic designs and prominent positioning grab attention immediately while communicating your business’s unique identity. As visitors transition into your space, impactful lobby signage sets the tone for memorable visitor experiences aligned to your brand vision.

Q: How Do You Uncover Our Brand Story and Personality?

Discovering your origin story and attributes that regular patrons resonate with informs creative directions. We learn core visual identity standards around logo usage and typography as well as target demographics. Exploring your business’s heartbeat through collaborative discussions allows our design team to truly understand who you are. This deep brand connection lets us craft authentic designs and messaging.

Q: What Key Elements Make Lobby Signs Impactful?

Strategic design choices surrounding shape, color, lighting and typography make custom lobby signs unforgettable. Dimensional forms at commanding scales grab attention in an instant. Refined color palettes speak to your brand aesthetic and psychology. Visually aligned typography builds off core fonts within your style guide. When light integrates seamlessly as an ambient design element, the sign captivates from all viewing angles and times of day.

Q: How Do You Determine the Optimal Size and Placement?

We meticulously examine surrounding architecture, seating arrangements and traffic flow patterns when engineering lobby sign dimensions and positioning. Signs must shine prominently within view without overwhelming visitors or blocking key sight lines. Mounting height factors enable visibility for standing or seated guests too. Carefully weighed scaling and location amplify visual impact.

Q: What Fabrication Materials Best Suit Our Brand?

Materials convey brand essence from first glance. Natural woods, weathered metals and dimensional letterforms communicate heritage and longevity for established companies. Contemporary materials like acrylic, glass and slimline aluminum profiles align to modern, design-focused spaces instead. We also examine lighting integration needs, indoor environmental factors, long-term durability requirements and budget during our value engineering guidance.

Q: Why Invest in Professional Installation?

Meticulous installation ensures your custom lobby sign’s maximum visual impact within the space through precision mounting and alignment. Our experienced teams implement strategic plans considering architectural elements and desired sight lines. We handle all necessary electrical work and finishing touches like patchwork and repainting too. With turnkey execution, your signage shines as the perfect centerpiece upon entry.

Q: How Long Does Your Custom Lobby Sign Process Take?

We believe the design journey must unfold organically through collaborative exploration. That said, once we lock in the vision stemming from our discovery conversations, a typical custom lobby sign takes 2-3 weeks from final approval to professional installation. More intricate designs demand additional fabrication time of course. On average, clients can expect a 4-6 week turnaround encompassing the entire strategic process from first inquiry to hanging the finished piece.

Q: How Can We Maintain Our New Lobby Sign?

Caring properly for your custom lobby sign ensures it effectively represents your brand for years. We provide maintenance instructions tailored to your sign’s materials and lighting elements upon installation. Beyond regular dusting, most signs require little upkeep. However, we do offer ongoing maintenance packages if you wish to keep your signage in our team’s hands. Let us worry about preservation so you can focus on your business.

Q: What Sets Visual Impression Signs Apart as a Signage Partner?

Our personalized approach coupled with big-business capabilities sets us apart from other sign partners. We truly invest in our clients’ enduring success through understanding unique brand stories and crafting authentic designs. Our hands-on process, strategic guidance and service mindset ensure you receive no less than a transformational, jaw-dropping custom lobby sign.

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