Chattanooga, TN – Benefits of Custom Wayfinding Signs from a Sign Company


Indoor Exit SignageAt Visual Impression Signs, we know that wayfinding signage serves a much deeper purpose than simply pointing people in the right direction. When thoughtfully designed, these essential directional signs can provide immense value by greatly improving the user experience, increasing accessibility, reinforcing branding, boosting safety, and contributing to an overall welcoming atmosphere.


With an intentional, strategic approach to wayfinding signage, businesses can facilitate intuitive navigation for visitors while simultaneously making a positive impression. The advantages stretch far beyond just providing basic directions from point A to point B. Thoughtful wayfinding signage demonstrates that a company truly cares about the audience’s experience.


From large healthcare centers to sprawling corporate campuses, businesses across Chattanooga in all industries can reap significant benefits from investing in custom wayfinding sign solutions. Some of the biggest advantages that Chattanooga companies have reported from implementing comprehensive wayfinding signage systems include:

Enhanced User Experience
Clear navigational signage reduces frustration for visitors trying to find their way. This positively impacts their overall experience at your property. Wayfinding signs also make repeat visits easier by imprinting the space layout in visitors’ minds.

Reinforced Brand Identity
Incorporating branded colors, fonts and graphics makes wayfinding signs double as subtle branding touchpoints throughout the property. This strengthens brand recognition and perception.

ADA Compliance
ADA-compliant wayfinding signs ensure equal access and independent navigation for disabled visitors as legally required. This improves inclusiveness.

Safety and Security 
Signs pointing to exits and other critical locations help building occupants during emergencies. Well-placed signs also discourage unauthorized access.

Operational Efficiency
Wayfinding signage placed at decision points minimizes hesitation and reduces unnecessary wandering. This promotes smoother traffic flow for improved efficiency.

Professional Atmosphere
A cohesive system of sleek, modern wayfinding signs contributes to an upscale, polished environment that makes a good first impression on visitors.

Investing in custom wayfinding signs demonstrates that you genuinely care about the audience’s experience at your location. It pays dividends across many aspects of your business.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wayfinding Signage
Wayfinding signs fall into two main categories: interior and exterior signage.

Interior wayfinding signs help visitors navigate within a building. Typical signs include:

– Directional signs pointing to destinations like lobbies, waiting areas, check-in counters and more.

– Directory maps and “you are here” markers.

– Identification signs labeling offices, conference rooms, elevators, restrooms and other spaces. 

– ADA-compliant braille and tactile signs.

For exterior spaces, wayfinding signage helps people navigate parking lots, locate building entrances, and find on-site amenities or event venues. Exterior signs include:

– Directional signs along driveways and walkways.

– Directory maps and kiosks.

– Campus or facility identification signs.

– Parking wayfinding and traffic signs. 

A Local Sign Partner 

Visual Impression Signs will ensure your wayfinding signage is optimized for its environment and location. Want to learn more about elevating navigation and experience with custom wayfinding signs in Chattanooga? Reach out to Visual Impression Signs at (423) 635-7144 or [email protected] for a complimentary consultation!

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